the results are in….

from what, you may ask?  well, remember this dilemma from a month ago?  What half-marathon to run-New Jersey or Brooklyn?  Well first off, the results of the poll were overwhelmingly in Brooklyn’s favor:

  • Brooklyn-79% (19 votes)
  • New Jersey-17% (4 votes-and I SO know who 3 of those 4 votes were! :-P)
  • Other-4% (1 vote)

So after much deliberation…

Pretty much, the 3 extra weeks of training time was the big thing…I just felt I needed it. And it means I’ll get to be a paceleader for the More Half marathon (most likely the 2:00 group) the week before instead of cutting it short…as that is an event I really like being a part of, and nothing would make me happier than helping runners achieve their goal, cross the finish line in the time they dreamed of.  (Well I’m sure something could make me happier…but I don’t think this is neither the time nor place to go into it 😉 ) 

And as for the other 2 races I signed up for… (BTW, does anyone know why all NYRR registration emails come from a phantom email address, the “From” field is blank?)

  • the Scotland Run 10K…i’m not expecting a great time there, I’m just doing it to support the Flyers as it’s a team points race.  Oh, and to have an excuse to wear my red plaid running skirt and knee-high compression socks that I wore during the Cherry Tree relay 😛  Though I hope this time around to not have to wear tights underneath! 🙂
  • the Mini 10K-probably my 2nd favorite race on the NYRR calendar (1st being the Club Champs 5-miler in August.)  This has been the one race I have done every year since joining NYRR…and was my first race as a Flyer in 2004!!  Basically, this race just has a special place in my heart.  And the race experiences have ranged from great (2009) to good (2006, 2004) to inferno (2008, 2007, 2005).  Read back on my history with this race here!!

And maybe there will be a non-NYRR race or 2 in there…but those are what’s on the agenda for now!!

And good luck to those of you running the NYRR 8000 tomorrow…it’s a great race, I had a good time last year.  (And for those of you who never run 8K, it can be an automatic PR! 🙂 )  Though after looking at the weather report, I’m glad I’m sitting this one out…hmmmm what are the chances this will become a “fun run”?

5 thoughts on “the results are in….

  1. Congrats! That is such a great feeling seeing that race confirmation! Best of luck with training- you are going to rock it!

    Best from Austin, Joe

    • thanks!! all I can hope for is that the IT band will hold up…the first 10K is really just for fun. The other 2 races will hopefully tell me where I stand going into Chicago training…

  2. Hello Brooklyn 13.1
    And you thought I’d ran out of Jay Z lyrics!!!
    Good Luck

  3. Nice One!
    Good luck w/ your three races,it’s good to see you getting back into the swing of things.
    We’re half way through March already,b4 you know it the Chicago Marathon will be just around the corner….I know you’re working on a “Blueprint” for Chicago!!!!

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