thing #256 that i hate about dating

okay, despite what the title may hint at, this post is not going to be solely devoted to bitching about the single life.  i just kinda liked the post title 🙂

so actually, this is a writeup about NYRR Club Night.  which as you all may know, is one of my favorite events, this being the 5th time I attended.  I’m always up for meeting others in the running community, and at an event like this, the atmosphere is actually a little more relaxed (unlike at a race where everyone’s out to get each other :-P)  Like last year’s event, it was held at the Hard Rock Cafe, but this time they were bringing back the post-awards ceremony dancing! 🙂  I was glad, I felt that was a better way for the clubs to mingle.  As I had mentioned last year-I felt the cocktail hour was more “find your teammates so you can sit together during the awards” than a chance to mingle with the other teams.  So thumbs up to NYRR for listening to our feedback!!

So contrary to what I just said, ther was actually some minor mingling going on during the cocktail hour/pre-awards.  I was hanging out with the other Flyers who attended, but I was able to say hi/catch up with friends from other teams too…while ever so often, looking at the flat screen TVs that showed a slideshow from the 2009 races to see if we could spot any Flyers (Lam-you were spotted!)

So…time for the awards ceremony.  As our men moved up to the “A” division in 2009, no award for them this year.  Our 50+/veteran women won 3rd place in their division…congrats ladies, I am sure you gals will be #1 in 2010! 🙂  And of course, watched all the individual age-group winners get their awards…as I helped with the awards process this year, not a lot of it was surprising to me 🙂  The ceremony ended with a pictorial “decade in review”…ahhh brought back memories.  And a couple of us came away with this with ideas to improve our own team’s awards…

Anyway, most of the other Flyers left right after the awards ceremony, but EF and SD stuck around…not surprising, they are the dancing king and queen of the Flyers 🙂  And let me tell you…I was definitely glad to have them around.  Here is the part that has some relevance to this post title.  I do go to these events with an open mind…not with the expectation that I will meet someone, but “you never know.”  But let me say, it is just disturbing how aggressive and “grabby” a few of the men were.  And that anyone considers it to be appropriate behavior.  And this isn’t the first time I’ve dealt with it…I remember a Jewish singles event where the same thing happened.  But I’ll tell you, this is one thing I truly hate about being single.  I mean, I don’t think I was “asking for it”, I wasn’t dressed overly slutty (if anything, I probably am more covered up than when I am running!)…it sorta ruined what should have been my favorite part of the evening.  I mean seriously…if someone’s body language signals that not interested, feeling uncomfortable…just stop it for godssakes!!

The music was good, but I kept having to excuse myself…to either say I needed to talk to someone, or get another drink…was actually a little bit of a relief when the night was over.  And guys-I know you are all not like that.  hell, one of my teammates met her boyfriend at Club Night a few years back and they are still together now.  I just seem to be a magnet for the wrong guys I guess.  Next year, if I don’t have a boyfriend, I will need to bring a bodyguard or something… 😛

Oh, and can you believe it, the NYRR photographer actually caught me in action on the dance floor…


2 thoughts on “thing #256 that i hate about dating

  1. I am sorry to hear about the behavior issues. I am sure you were not asking for it and I hate that phrase anyway, like anyone asks for boorish behavior.
    Dam I wish guys did not suck so much. They give us other guys a bad name.
    I have a long time female friend who says, “All guys are pigs, some just control it better than others”. I only wish she were not right.

  2. Sorry to hear your evening was ruined by a few “meatheads”should’ve gotten the dj to play “U And Your Hand” by Pink!!!!!
    As the other comment on your blog said it’s idiots like them that give all guys a bad rap,we’re not all jerks and if next year you need a bodyguard/chaparone,plus one etc I’d be happy to apply for the position,I’d like to think my actions Saturday nite show I’m a guy who can be expected to do the right thing

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