snow day slacker

Well, for the 2nd time so far this winter, our office was closed because of the snow…this time for the full day (that last time a coupla weeks back, was just a half day)…and yeah it was nice to not have to go into the office but part of me wishes that the office hadn’t closed, or at least not for a full day, since this chick has a lot of shit to do…

But seriously, I am so over this winter already, it’s just totally messing with my social and running life…which are one and the same I guess.  My mileage total for this week so far has been zero.  Maybe I should have gotten in a run on Monday, but I felt cross-training was the smarter thing to do after my race on Sunday.  Tuesday I couldn’t work out in anticipation of my VO2 max test on Wednesday (I’ll write more details on that in a later post once I get the full results, but I’ll say the “topline” results I got were a bit of a surprise…but in a way not.)  So Tuesday and Wednesday were out.  And then the snow came yesterday…and even though reports today said that Central Park was plowed, I was still a wuss, thinking there was still a big possibility of black ice or any other type of ice and not wanting to chance things.  (Not to mention that my dad heard about the man who got killed by a falling branch in Central Park and had to give me a mini-lecture…)

Whatever.  I guess all I can do is write this week off as being a failure and just try and start again next week.  Plus, next week I won’t have the Olympics monopolizing my TV viewing time (I still haven’t watched my DVRed episode of Survivor from last week-and considering Stephenie got voted off, I thought I’d be dying to see it!) or keeping me up late at night so maybe I may be able to get in a morning workout?  (though something tells me thats not very likely…)

Oh and I leave you with another pic from the Cherry Tree relay that showcases the Gossip Girl outfit even more.  (Thanks Moz for the pic!)  Is it me, or do I never look like I am running in any of my running pics…


9 thoughts on “snow day slacker

  1. I know you guys are really struggling in the NE with all this snow – really makes getting out there so difficult – I always feel so fortunate training for a spring marathon down here in TX over the winter. With very few exceptions it is great training weather.

    I would try to just look at this past week as a nice break from running. My trainer tells me that every few months I should take a full week off and really let my body recover from all the hard work and grow stronger —- so don’t lament this week too much, dial it back up on Monday and you’ll be amazed how strong you feel and how great it is to be back running again.

    Stay warm up there! Best from Austin, Joe

    • you’re right, except I really haven’t been doing enough mileage to warrant a “cutback”-been trying to build back up after my ITB injury, and every time I think I’m making some headway, the weather just throws a wrench in things. I’ve said it before, but I don’t think I can take another winter (or more) like this!

  2. At least you’re not training for a spring marathon. Honestly this year has been so much worse than last year. If I would have known about this weather, I know I would not have signed up for one. Rest up and hope March is better. It can’t get any worse, can it?

    • in a way, i wish i was training for a spring marathon. you know what i mean 😉

      well considering we have gotten snow in march the previous 3 years (and one race being turned into a fun run-a points race no less!) i’m not sure we’re out of the woods just yet…

  3. Cool gear for the relay.

    Yeah, it was a brutal weather week in Gotham. I’m ready to cut a deal with the weather gods. We need relief.

  4. As my former coach once told me”there’s little or no point chasing after lost mileage”
    It’s a whole new week now,hopefully the snow and ice have gone,take all the good feelings you got from the Winter Olympics and embrace pre spring training,as a devoted yankees fan I’m sure “spring training”means something……aren’t the World Series and the Chicago Marathon both in October??

  5. There hasn’t been enough madness in Febuary????
    Let’s Go Nova!!

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