gossip girl gone bad

no action shot yet, but at least you can see the "gossip girl" ensemble...so…this post title is inspired by yet another song…”Good Girls Go Bad” by Cobra Starship featuring none other than Gossip Girl Leighton Meester…and what does that have to do with anything?

Well as I did last year, I teamed up with EG aka Bridges Runner (it feels so weird not calling you Uptown Girl anymore…LOL!) and AU for team “xoxo, Gossip Girls” in the Cherry Tree 10-mile relay.  3 laps around Prospect Park, one for each of us-fun, right? 🙂  And this year, since I wasn’t gonna impress anyone with my speed, I might as well impress with my costuming and dress the part 🙂  And so I did, with a red plaid Running Skirt and knee-high compression socks over my tights…and I guess my usual running headband can add to the ensemble 🙂

So since the MTA was gonna have fun with us this weekend with the F not running in parts of Brooklyn (which sadly, screwed Lam out of running the race 😦 #mtamajorfail!), I accepted a ride to the race with my Flyer teammate HM, and 3 others came along for the ride.  And we actually made it to Brooklyn in plenty of time…oh, and the running joke of the day was that it was so much colder here “than it was in New York”…meaning Manhattan.  ah a slip of the tongue (not by me! 😛 ) can be so funny sometimes.  So anyway, we stopped by the school first for everyone else to get their race stuff (EG had very graciously picked up our race stuff already! 🙂 ) and to warm up a little before heading over to Prospect Park…oh, and another laugh was that the Google Maps on my CrackBerry seemed to never know where we were once we got to Brooklyn! 😛  Anyway, we found a great parking spot by the park and eventually started walking towards the start…I stopped at the relay area while the others headed down to the start line for their race.

So…less than 10 minutes til the start and the rest of my team wasn’t there yet (they were frontloading mileage beforehand)…ok, get a little nervous.  Guess I am running anchor by default (even though I think it was unofficially decided that I be anchor) since I don’t have my bib and D-tag!  Finally, with just minutes to the start, I see EG and AU, just in the nick of time!  AU rushed to the start, EG gave me all my race stuff…bib, D-Tag and souvenir Sugoi hat (nice hat, but I kinda missed the techy shirt like the one I got last year!)  So I got myself ready and EG and I waited for AU to come in…around 24-25 minutes in, AU handed off the slap bracelet baton ( love it!) to EG who was off for the 2nd leg!!  AU and I ran a little bit in the opposite direction of the race…she was cooling down/adding on mileage, I was warming up.  Turned around after about a half-mile so I could make sure I was at the exchange area in time.  And soon enough, it was my turn to rock!!

And to describe my race…Once again, a picture tells a thousand words.

Oh, and how about a second one?

CRASH AND BURN!  I saw my half-mile split and was like “oh f*ck!”  Yeah, the fact that it was really downhill had something to do with it.  But still.  And it bit me in the ass in mile 2 with the killer hill.  And kinda kept going in mile 3 before I got some downhill relief near the home stretch.  And I was thinking how glad I was that I opted for the relay, I couldn’t imagine doing this 3 times!  I was getting passed quite a bit during the race which kinda bummed me out a little…like I was erasing the great start my teammates got us off to.  So nearing mile 3, I saw people in the distance looking like they were turning and thought it was the finish-nope I was fooled, it was actually the park drive turning (why didn’t I remember this from last year?)  But soon enough, I did see the real turn to the finish.  Alright, let’s bring it home.  Lotsa cheering, Moz snapping away on the camera.  Kick hard.  And go!!  And done.

So…26:06 for me, around 7:45 pace…around 25 seconds slower than last year’s time.  And the combined time for the 3 of us was 1:14:47, 7:28 pace…which really puts into perspective how much I slowed the team down :-\  Oh and even better-the initial results (not sure if they have been fixed yet) had our relay results mistakenly with the 10-mile results (looks like we would have been 6th out of around 28 female teams?)…so I had to tell our web people to not credit me with the race time-I can’t take full credit for a race time that wasn’t really mine, and I’d kinda feel bummed if people congratulated me on a fast time I didn’t really run…

So unlike the 4-miler a coupla weeks ago, I didn’t really walk away from this one feeling so confident.  One good thing was that the (sh)IT band stayed quiet once again, but man am I out of shape.  And man do I need to be re-hill trained.  (In fact, now I am having second thoughts about the Brooklyn half…that hill may not make for a good race time.)

Oh and Flyers-those of you who are reading-c’mon, put aside your allegience to the 10-miler for one year and let’s form some kick-ass relay teams in 2011.  Lotsa other local teams represented…The Reservoir Dogs, Urban Athletics, Front Runners and of course PPTC to name a few…I think it’s about time that NYF cleans up a little!!  Whatcha say? 🙂

7 thoughts on “gossip girl gone bad

  1. Love the skirt………..so I have to ask if someone was running behind you as I’m sure there was,did that mean they were….”chasing skirt”…..
    Sorry bad pun but I’m still breathing “rarified air” after my first 40 mile week in a few years.
    Sorry things didn’t go as well as you had hoped,but it’s still early on into your return from injury to quote The Smiths “These Things Take Time”at least the {sh}IT band held up………..not all of life’s victories have to be on a grand scale,you’ll get there trust me
    You know you love me

  2. still a great effort! try to put things in perspective–you are coming back from an injury, so you can’t expect to be at your best time-wise. the good news is your IT band seems to be doing well. the other good news is you would’ve kicked my “in shape” ass were we to race this distance 😉 hope you had a beer or two after finishing 😉

  3. Ummm, I think you need to recruit a few others before you start suggesting anything! Besides, if the MTA dose not “finish construction” on the F by this time next year, I’ll have to invoke “Lam Running Rule #2” and drop out, just sayin’
    At least you and a few others represented this year! Good job!

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