“no sleep” or “the situation”

OK, as I hinted to Kevin in a previous comment of mine, a poll was gonna be coming soon…and well without further ado…here it is.

So with my fall goal race in place, I was still thinking about something to work towards in late spring…thinking half marathon.

So originally I was thinking the NJ/Long Branch half…having heard good things about the race and knowing others who are doing that race and/or the full marathon.  But then I started wondering if I’d be ready in time and wouldn’t you know it…Brooklyn is a coupla weeks later…and that is a race course I do need some revenge on.

Basically my goal would be not to “just finish”, but to run well.  I have a feeling a PR/NYCM qualifying time would be out, but I’d love under 1:50, or even better, under 1:45.

So let’s weigh the pros and cons of both:

New Jersey
Pros: Cons:
  •  flat, fast course-I’ve heard very good things about it
  • other Flyers/friends running either this race or the full
  • experience a new race
  • possibility of guest appearances by “Snooki,” “J-Woww” or “The Situation” (yeah couldn’t resist a Jersey Shore joke)
  •  kinda pricey (currently $85, up to $90 on March 1)
  • no race-day packet pickup
  • May 2nd-may not be ready in time?
  • dealing with NJ Transit to get there…we all know how undependable they are!
Pros: Cons:
  •  (relatively) close to home-much easier to get to
  • may be fun to experience the new course ending at Coney Island, enjoy the post-party on the beach
  • May 22nd-3 more weeks to prep
  • can pace the whole 13.1 for the More Half Marathon on 4/25 instead of cutting it short to taper
  • much cheaper ($25 before May 7)
  • another race towards the 9 + 1 for NYCM 2011 guaranteed entry (not saying im going to run it, but nice to have the option if needed)
  • would like revenge on this course
  •  Prospect Park hills at the beginning
  • heard not-so-good things about the water situation on the course, and a bottleneck when the faster runners lapped the slower runners in the park last year
  • the boardwalk tore up my calves in 2005 and 2006-would the same thing happen again?
  • Only 3 weeks of downtime before I’d start training for Chicago

So help me decide!!  Poll is below…and feel free to comment your reasoning(s) for your votes too!

Thanks for playing 🙂


13 thoughts on ““no sleep” or “the situation”

  1. I guess I should clear a few things up for you first…

    – no race-day pickup? No problem, I’m heading down a day prior so I can pick up the bib for you and hand it over on race day!
    – NJ transit problems? Will not be a factor because there’s a free direct train from Penn Station to Long Branch on race day morning! No screwups possible because half of NY is heading down via the same train!

    There you go! I think we know what the obvious choice should be?

    You’re welcome =)

  2. I’m pretty sure that if you want to pick up your bib on race day, there is an organization that is associated with the race that will get it for you for a donation.

  3. Is running both out of the question? Won’t you have to do a long run for Chicago anyway at that point?

  4. I voted “No Sleep”you could rock out to a lil Beastie Boys on your ipod and in your list of pros you mention finishing at Coney Island…I rest my case!
    Like you said three extra weeks to prep, and while not wishing to diss the Garden State I ran the Ocean Drive marathon in March 04….not exactly one of the more exciting marathon courses I ran.
    And DON’T get me started about NJT,I spent a nite in a waiting room on the platform at Trenton last March coming home from NYC after the Mac C’ships at The Armory…………….
    PS Revenge is a dish best served cold!

  5. obviously, you know which one I want you to do!! Come on–will be sooo much fun!! I have always found these decisions challenging–I don’t like the inconveniences of traveling for races, but I also find that that extra time/effort/expense brings me so much in return–especially if there are lots of Flyers going! (ie philly). That is just my 2 cents. Hope you pick NJ 😉

    • well…if for whatever reason I didn’t pick NJ as my race, would you be totally against me coming out anyway for the ride…and maybe running with you for a few miles? 😉 (kinda like what JM did for DM in Philly)

  6. Thanks for stopping by over at runfordom – I saw your comment and had to come over for a visit – love your blog! I went on record for Brooklyn as you wrote after my 3M race report a few weeks ago – it is almost impossible to treat a “race” as anything other than just that.

    I had every intention of using that half as my Sunday long run and ended up posting a PR at 1:32:14 (I wanted to run a pace run about 1:38:00). The crowds, the bib number, D-Tag it’s on. So, I have to think you are better off waiting until Brooklyn, training well for it and exacting some revenge on the course.

    I typically train and race with my Nathan 2-bottle hydrabelt which allows me to carry 20 ounces of water – miss those water tables and run a great race!

    Thanks again for stopping over – best of luck with your training!


    • Thanks for stopping by too! (I had found your race report linked from a “related post” on my blog) I think the only time I can hold back is when I am marathon training-for example, there’s an 18-mile race in September that it is never in my best interest to race (especially since the last 2 years, I had raced a half the weekend before.) And I used a half marathon as part of my last 20-miler when training for MCM last year…frontloading with 7 miles beforehand. I did end it with a few MP miles, but that was planned. But it seems like any other time, if I don’t feel like giving it my all, I’m better off not toeing the line 🙂

      • You are giving me hope that I’ll come through this “double” at Boston and Pittsburgh in good shape. I think the final 10K of marathon #2 in 13 days is going to be a gut check if there ever was one … thanks again for stopping by the other day – I’ll be visiting soon.



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