it had me in stitches

So…another year, another Flyers Awards Gala.  And unlike what others say, I do not consider this to be like a prom.  Let’s see…the prom, you have pressure to find a date.  And if you don’t have a date you don’t attend the event.  (That was me back in the day.)  This party…not so much!!  Plenty of peeps were there stag.  If anything, I think with all the glamour and fashion that graced the Midtown Loft, that this is more like one of those red-carpet awards shows…Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, MTV Awards, etc. (except thankfully, no Kanye West moments!) than a silly high school dance 😛

runner26, DD and me-triple trouble strikes again! 🙂

So anyway…I arrived “fashionably late” (less than a half hour after the real start time) to find the place already packed…well not a surprise, considering this event actually sold out this year!!  So I mingled with Flyers old and new (and tried to avoid a certain one who I have no idea why he even renewed his team membership-though is a good candidate for the “least likely to take a hint” award) and sipped some Cosmopolitans.  However-I did not partake in the food though in favor of mingling…but partially because I was a little bit wary of the food after the issue with the “Flyer Flu” last year (a crazy amount of Flyers got the flu after last year’s awards gala, and the food was one of the suspects)…but also I didn’t have the patience for the ridiculously long line.  And I did make sure to eat beforehand in anticipation…but as it turned out, that may have been an error on my part…


OK so time for the awards, which pretty much went off without a hitch.  All awards recipients were happy, those who we really had to keep the secret from (because they were involved in one of the awards committees somehow even though they were gonna receive awards) were truly surprised…and the crowning jewel of the evening was Crazy Bandanahead winning Flyer of the Year!!  (see his acceptance speech!)  Congrats Bandana-brain…well-deserved!!  Can’t believe it was only…4 years ago when we first met at the Chelsea Piers track meet…now you’re all grown up!!  my how time flies…

And time for my favorite part of the night…dancing!!  The DJ once again did good with the song selection and of course I had to request “I Gotta Feeling” which we were all just screaming along to while dancing…I think that song just may be the “SexyBack” of the 2010’s! 🙂  So anyways, the final 2 hours of the night flew by and before we knew it, was the “Last Dance”…

…but we had to keep the party going, and talk after-party, right?  So I approached the mike to make the announcement…and stupid me tripped and fell.  I know it was partially because I had too many Cosmos in me…but the floor was also slippery from everyone spilling drinks (apparently I wasn’t the only one who slipped during the course of the evening)…and I didn’t know it til later, but one of the tips of my heels was broken…but anyway, long story short, when I fell I got cut over by my right eyebrow and it wouldn’t stop bleeding…which led to a trip to the ER to get stitched up (thanks to my saviors for being with me…you know who you are 😉  I owe you both big time!)  So definitely not how anyone wanted the night to end…but could have been a lot worse.  (Note to self-in the future, do not be an idiot at open bar events.  And do eat something!  There, I’m putting it here to hold myself accountable.)

With the exception of the “mini-stitches” by my eyebrow, I’m fine now though (I think I had more headaches this week from work than the actual impact)…running did have to take a backseat this week…was a little nervous about running in the dark, or even on the treadmill too (knowing how graceful I am and that I’d likely trip) and just wanted to heal up.  (Still planning on running Sunday morning though, who knows how that is gonna go!!)

But despite the ending-the party was great…everyone involved did a fabulous job, as usual!!  Til next year…

6 thoughts on “it had me in stitches

  1. WOW!your dress looked fabulous… go girl!

  2. “That’s not a dress,that’s an Audrey Hepburn movie”
    Jerry McGuire

  3. You looks fantastic 🙂

  4. nice write up! i agree about it being more like the oscars or golden globes. very fun–esp the dancing! glad you’re feeling better.

  5. Hey! Nice write up on the party. I am a Flyer even though I have never been to anything and don;t really know why I joined.

    At any rate, I don;t think I saw you at the number pickup on Thursday — I would have recognized you. I was in M through O from 4 until 6:30 or so.

    But I did see you before the race on Sunday. I was standing by the baggage area trying to limit movement and conserve my core body temperature — and I saw you go by in your Flyers jersey! It took me a while to process that it was you, but by the time my half frozen brain comprehended it, then you were long gone into the crowd.

    Hope you had a great run!

    • Are you serious? Too funny…who knew that you were a teammate of mine!! I was at pickup around 5:30 on Thurs…you prolly had your back turned or something 🙂 Had a good (but cold!) run. Report to come!

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