Nope…not referring to Carrie Ann, Len and Bruno….but actually I am referring to this:

Yep…actually took the plunge and registered for the Chicago Marathon today!!  So now I got 8 months to come up with a plan and get ready.  And in terms of goals…well maybe it is a saving grace that I will be turning 35 in late 2011…

(Flyers awards gala recrap to come in a later post!)

9 thoughts on “10-10-10!

  1. Congrats on getting in to Chicago,from my own experiences in 02 when I pr’d there it’s a great marathon….Go Get Em Tiger!

    • thanks!! I’m really hoping overall, this will be a much better experience than MCM…I have a quite a few other teammates who have registered, which will be helpful-I think part of what made the post-race tough was that no one was really around for me. Oh and I already faxed in my qualifying time to get my seeded corral placement-you can bet after getting majorly screwed over with the MCM start I wasn’t taking any chances!!

  2. wow! you go girl!!!

  3. Good Luck Chicago

    I start reading you Blog. It looks great.

    greets from swabia/ germany

  4. Good idea on the seeded corral,Chicago is a big field so getting as good a start as possible will be clutch.
    For a marathon that’s eight months away you seem well on top of things……now for that pesky marathon training!!!!relax you’ll do just fine,here’s hoping 2010 is a year for rebounding from injuries for both of us.

    • Can you believe in the first 2 days of registration, it’s already 25% full? I think everyone looking to BQ this fall is probably gonna go there to not take a chance of qualifying too late and getting shut out…

  5. Hmmm, so when does training start? And I have to figure out how to update my RSS feed…

  6. Glad to see you’re back in the marathon game! I’m doing Chicago as well. I’m hyperventilating with excitement.

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