getting on base

And so we go from football to baseball in my post titles.  Funny thing, as I am typing this, on ESPN Classic is the infamous 1986 World Series Game 6…the one that broke the Sawx’s hearts…hehe.

So the title kinda refers to what I will be doing the next month or 2…base-building.  My PT is helping me with a game plan…nothing really crazy, still only running 3 days a week for the next few weeks, still with 1-2 strength train days in there.  Throw in the 2 short races this month…we’ll see how that goes.  Oh-and will also be getting a VO2 max test next week…will be very interesting to see what the results are.  I still use my HRM to train, but I’m sure right now, my max heart rate is no longer 188 (achieved at the end of a 5K-and the uphill end of a 10k-last year.)  So my ranges may need to change…

What else…oh yeah, found out another social media faux pas…never, ever friend a company bigwig on Facebook and then play Farmville during business hours!  I’m innocent tho…I blocked that app!!  (in addition to Mafia Wars.)  And a meeting earlier this week…all I can say is I don’t know how some people can sleep at night.  (or maybe they don’t.)

so yeah, crazy week.  thankfully good weekend…friend’s bday drinks tomorrow and then Saturday is my favorite event of the year-the Flyers awards gala!!  And again, more fun and more drama than the Oscars and the MTV awards combined.  Who will rock the red carpet?  Will someone pull a Kanye West during the awards presentation?  The excitement is mounting 🙂


4 thoughts on “getting on base

  1. Ooh, I can’t wait for the Kanye West moment!

    • im surprised there wasnt a Kanye moment last year when I got my Team Spirit Award…
      “I’m happy for you, I’m a gonna let you finish, but (fill in the blank) had the most spirit of ALL TIME! THE MOST SPIRIT OF ALL TIME!”

  2. thankfully i have never gotten into farmville. but my feed sure is full of others who are! i’m sure i would never get anything done. 🙂

    i’ve always wanted to get vo2max tested but really, where the heck do you have that done? sounds cool.

    oh the m&m photo i ‘borrowed’ from flickr. i think that person said it was the wall in the vegas store. i have seen the nyc store’s wall. heaven!

    • I just hide farmville, mafia wars, sorority life, etc from my front page feed…makes things look a lot cleaner 🙂 that said, i do have my share of fb apps i’m addicted to (i love those “top 10 fans” type apps 🙂 )

      My PT office is going to offer vo2 max testing and asked if i could be one of their “guinea pigs”…i’ll defintely post something about how it goes!!

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