bring on the gridiron

So against my better sanity, I actually signed up for a NYRR race for next month. I figured that 4 miles is a doable distance…and for once the Gridiron Classic is not the morning after the Flyers awards gala so why not. I’m of course expecting to be very embarassed by my time…but at least I’ll earn the right to eat on Super Bowl Sunday, right?

Oh yeah, the Gossip Girls will also be reuiniting for the Cherry Tree Relay. For me its just for fun and an excuse to wear a cute running outfit that will include a plaid running skirt (completely serious!). I just hope my 2 teammates will forgive me for slowing the team down… 🙂

And getting back to the previous football topic-once again, I still have the Jets to watch-who woulda thought this would happen so late in the game? In appreciation of that, I figure I should post a shirtless pic of Mark Sanchez… 😉

OK…maybe I should post one of him actually playing football in Jet gear too 😛

GO Jets!!!

Oh and if any of you have figured out there is still post content below the pics and are still reading, I do have to give a thumbs up to the WordPress app for the Crackberry. I just composed this entire post while on the subway, and just saved it and inserted links/posted the pics when I actually got to a computer. Big improvement from having to post to Blogger via email…


One thought on “bring on the gridiron

  1. Good luck at the Gridiron Classic,first races back off an injury are always tough but once you get the first one under your belt you’ll start to gain momentum.
    Longer term good to see you signed up for the Cherry Tree Relay,keep easing your way back and b4 long you’ll be back to where you were pre injury.
    Sorry the Jets didn’t make it to the Super Bowl,great run while it lasted.

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