the “green team”

Guess there’s more than one green team in my life, so to say?  Let’s see, there is the “enviromnentally friendly/socially responsible” group which was formerly known as the green team and was the target of lotsa mocking from the office smartazzes, including one mock-founding the “brown team.”  Mind you, with the amount of paper our side of the office uses, we could not be less environmentally friendly if we tried…

(oh and on the topic of work, yep everyone kept their pants on last week, though I think the entire office wore jeans on Friday just because they could 🙂 )

And of course, there is the J-E-T-S, who have stayed alive long after many peeps had written them and their 2009 season off.  Same bar as the previous week to watch the game, same beer consumption, thankfully same results too.  I’m not commenting yet about what could be next week…don’t wanna jinx it!!

Could it be, that the Jets are actually doing better than I am?  Yeah I guess so.  The road to recovery is still friggin slow, and I’m getting more and more sick of having to run solo.  If there is anything I have learned in the last few months, its that if you’re injured, there is no place for you in the NYC running scene…everyone’s doing their double-digit mileage runs and training for marathons while I have to make do with 5 miles max at a time.  May do a short NYRR race in February just so I can feel human again (and because I don’t want to make the mistake I made last year and not get in 9 races.)  But besides that, I’m still not sure where to go from there, I feel like I have no motivation.  And I know what everyone is going to say, and no I do not want to train for and run a spring marathon.  Just not feeling it, and there wouldn’t be enough time anyway.  I know I need to be patient, but as someone who is craving companionship right now, the patience is slowly wearing thin…

And I guess I also have to apologize I don’t have more to write about…unfortunately injury recovery does not lead to exciting blog posts!


2 thoughts on “the “green team”

  1. Hang in there,it will get better.
    Maybe you should consider a NYRRC race in Feb,it gives you something to work towards and ok maybe your time might not be where you’d like it to be but just getting back into that enviroment will be a huge plus for you,who knows you may encounter someone not doing double digit mileage and someone to run w/
    Smile….it confuses the masses….trust me!

    • yeah thats what I am doing…more to come. Not sure if NYRR races are the place to meet short-distance specialists…ya know, because of all the “9 + 1 races” peeps crowding them 🙂

      Just wish there was some kind of happy medium in the NYC running community. Short-distance specialists and their clubs are uber-competitive, the more social clubs seem biased towards marathons and the like. And I’m caught somewhere in between…

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