keep your pants on

So this is sort of a running joke (no pun intended) that me and one of my Flyer teammates have had for the last year and a half.  I think it had to do with our relay team’s results and him checking on something that needed to be corrected…and he told me he hadn’t heard back and me jokingly said to him to “keep your pants on.”  And anyway that’s sorta stuck with us 🙂

But that actually has nothing to do with this post.  No, it’s more about a certain dress restriction we discovered here at the office.  So some parent company bigwig will be visiting the workplace this week meaning we all have to “dress and act professional” (like we don’t already?  Oh for shame!)  Anyway, it was brought to our attention that what is not considered acceptable attire is leggings.  Apparently someone was wearing a sweater dress over a pair of leggings-nothing really revealing, but in someone’s interpretation she “wasn’t wearing any pants!”  So there you go-apparently leggings are banned here.  (and gotta love how someone said that when she’s having a bad day, she “thinks about that story and laughs.”  Very nice.  Not.)  And therefore, we were all reminded to keep our pants on this week (well actually for the next 2 days)-literally.

Would write more, but me tired (thanks to some idiot who called my landline several times at 5AM)  This week’s dragging…thank god for upcoming 3-day weekend!


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