maybe i’m getting too old for this

So since I’m sure everyone was dying to know (ha, not really) yes I did venture out on XMas Eve…guess it beat staying home and watching reruns of Jersey Shore 😛  If you were hoping for any juicy gossip, I’m sorry to disappoint…no running into peeps I knew like the Ex-Boyfriend’s frat brother or anything like that 🙂  So, knowing in advance which venue attracted the “younger” and “older” ends of the spectrum, I decided to go to the one “inbetween.”  Which was actually a good move…not too crowded, DJ playing 80s music, open vodka bar for the first hour.  Only talked to 2 guys that nite…first didn’t seem too into me, got a playa vibe from the second.  I don’t know, I just feel like I’ve really outgrown this scene…unless I know everybody at the shindig (e.g., the Flyer parties…or hell, even NYRR’s club night) I’m not great in this setting…better one on one, methinks.  Plus nursing a killer hangover is not how I wanted to spend my XMas day.  Maybe I just needed one more of these things just to get out of my system, but I think I might skip it next XMas Eve…ask me again in a year though 🙂  But really, who meets the love of their life at one of these “meet markets”…

So besides that, not really much to tell.  Except what was supposed to be a quiet work week did have to be disrupted by crazy person doing his crazy person thing on a project I’m doing for him.  It’s always something with this one!!


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