2009-not quite so fine

So yeah, figured I was due for one of those obligatory “running year in review” posts…

So first I guess I will revisit what I wrote at the end of last year to be my 2009 goals and how I did….

Continue to train smart. Meaning-no racing in January (that’s my “off-season!”), and when I do race, schedule things well (no over-racing.) Keep with the HRM on training runs, keep up the cross-training. If it ain’t broke…

I *thought* I did all that, but apparently not…as you will see later…

Have some fun with racing! I’ve already started that by signing up for the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April and just like last year, will explore other non-NYRR races. Especially now with the capping thing going on with the NYRR races…

Well here’s the tally…
non-NYRR=8 races
NYRR=5 races (2 of those 5 I actually used as training runs)

So I guess you can say I did that…

As of now-I do plan to try and knock 3 minutes and 15 seconds off my marathon time in the fall. This all will depend on the body holding up, and other circumstances allowing me the time to train, but as of now, that is the plan. Not sure where I will be going for it just yet, but definitely won’t be NYC, as I’d like to try a different (flatter) marathon…as of now, Marine Corps and Philly are the top contenders.

Well this is the big one.  I thought it could be possible, but in the end, turned out the body didn’t hold up.  And even now, it still stings.

You may say I’m being tough on myself, but I can’t say I’m satisfied with how 2009 went.  I mean yeah, I had a decent window of racing between June and September (I guess winter was the off-season and spring I wasn’t quite in shape yet) but I missed my most important goal…and as I said before, it kinda sucks to have my last memory of running this year being a DNF.  And maybe this has me concerned that if I quit a race once, will this become a habit in future races when the going gets tough?  (Though I will state for the record that even if my race report read like it, I did not give up once I realized the BQ was history.  I did give it all I had that day, it just sucked that my finish line was mile 21!)  Plus outside the racing arena, midway through my MCM training I had to go from coached speedwork with a group to being on my own…I don’t know if that was what caused things to go down at the end, but it probably didn’t help matters.

So I’m a little hesitant to make concrete goals right now for 2010.  Except for the obvious-getting this (sh)IT band healed and to become a real runner again.  I do hope to run a half-marathon in May…and intend to get my revenge on the marathon distance in October, but those are not set in stone just yet.  I guess most of all, I really need to figure out what went wrong last year and make sure it doesn’t happen again.  Additionally, once I am healed enough to do speedwork, I intend to seek out a new group to do speedwork with…I think it’s pretty obvious I can’t-or shouldn’t-be doing this on my own.  And I know I can benefit from the guidance that coached workouts can give.  So will need to research that…

So yeah-once again I have no clue how to go about any of this :-p  But ready or not…2010 is just around the corner.  Will I find the girl I once was…?


5 thoughts on “2009-not quite so fine

  1. Flygirl! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and 2010 will be AWESOME for you! I promise! So, if you need a buddy to do speedwork with in the cold months, let me know. I am shooting to become faster and love doing the reservoir. Just give me a shout and we'll do some hard intervals and tempo runs!!! Hooray for 2010 and your NEXT Marathon!

  2. Flygirl, overall it sounds like you had a great year w/ the obvious exception of MCM and the whole SH{IT}Band issue,take it from me injuries,while bloody frustrating are NOT the be all and end all of our running.I suffered an achilles tendon injury in May that not only 86ed Nationals but also Worlds and while 09 will hardly go down as a "banner year" for my running I ended it w/ a world record on Sunday at The Armory in the Masters 4x800m,a far cry from where I was this summer when I couldn't run for 8 weeks!!As is often said"what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger"Here's to a killer 10 season to us both.

  3. In response to your comment on my blog,I'm not saying you have to brake a world record to prove you're back but I know you get where I'm {hopefully}coming from!!Let's see what 2010 brings for us both.Best wishesK

  4. Mark-thanks! I doubt I'll be doing speedwork til the spring but you never know. hope 2010 is better for both of us.Kevin-yep, I knew exactly what you meant. How about I break a personal world record…hehe 🙂

  5. Would that make you nyflyinggirl if you did?lol!!!:)K

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