no MORE marathon

Now I’m not talking about myself there!  When I IM’ed a friend today and said to him “no more marathon next year-only the half” he interpreted it as I’m not doing a marathon, and only a half next year! πŸ˜›

But nope, I’m talking about what was the “More Marathon”…looks like in 2010 they are doing away with the marathon portion and only having the half-marathon!!  (And I guess also learning from last year’s mistake, they also warned about the caps way, way in advance!)  Given the declining numbers for the marathon, I’m not surprised they did away with it.

But did anyone notice the price for the half?  $60 for NYRR members, $65 for non-NYRR members?  For what will most likely be 2+ laps of Central Park…a course we can do later in the year (i.e., Grete’s) for $17?  I don’t get that!  I can understand the fee for the NYC Half, as city streets need to be closed down for the event…but for running in Central Park?  My guess is that this will be mostly out-of-towners…since racing in Central Park is a novelty for them!  After all, I have paid around that cost for halfs before…but those were “destination” ones-e.g., Philly, San Francisco, Vegas.  Oh, and this half will be on the same weekend it was last year.  Another chance at unseasonable heat and a “fun run”?  And will the new March date for the NYC Half mean a snowstorm?  It’s not like a race in March has never been turned into a fun run before…remember this one back in 2007?

Hmmm…speaking of halfs, looks like the one I am hoping to run next May will cost a pretty penny too.  But thats ok since it won’t be 2 loops of Central Park, hell it won’t even be in NYC! πŸ™‚  Of course, that is contingent on the (sh)IT band getting better.  Yeah latest on that-not much to tell.  I decided to be brave and try the bridle path on Sunday, but the (sh)IT band was complaining by the end of the run.  Of course that may have been due to me spotting Creepy Stalker Guy and of course, I had to speed up πŸ˜›  (though I thought it’s slower speeds that aggrevate ITBS more?)  But did the rez on Tuesday…not bad.  Just kind of taking it day by day for now…wouldn’t say I’m out of the woods just yet.  Booked an appointment for next Wednesday with a new PT, one that was highly recommended by a couple of my teammates-just keeping my fingers crossed that the insurance thing works out!!  And that I can find some light at the end of this tunnel…

Office lesson learned this week, never, ever leave your computer unlocked.  Otherwise, the office smartass who has been known to hijack others email before will…well, hijack your email and send an all-staff email saying that this is the last day and that you’re leaving the company to pursue a music career…and some other smartass stuff.  Yes, this is a true story.  No, it wasn’t me whose email was hijacked, I know to keep my computer locked πŸ™‚

And Happy Hanukkah…starts tomorrow nite!  Will celebrate it by partying, holiday-style with the Flyers…and maybe sitting on Santa’s lap (oh the irony!)  Hmmm…I think I’ve been a good girl this year…what should I ask Santa for? πŸ˜› Well besides the obvious-a healthy right (sh)IT band!  And a BQ πŸ™‚

One thought on “no MORE marathon

  1. I can't believe they charge so much for the More!! I think it was at that "race" last year that I said, "This would be fun if we didn't do it every day."

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