running in heels

Yow.  My calves are actually sore right now, and surprisingly, not from running 3 loops of the reservoir yesterday.  Nah, I think it’s more due to dancing and being on my feet for so long on Thursday wearing a pair of high-heeled black Mary Janes for the office holiday party…

Yeah, the annual holiday party.  Is it me, or is there something totally unnatural about a holiday party when it’s like 60-something degrees out?  (Although it beats the hell outta previous years when it’s been raining or snowing, meaning getting a cab home was just torture!)  At any rate, winter-y clothes didn’t seem to be on the agenda, so I ignored the memo that black dresses with tights and boots were the attire du jour and instead decided to be different and wear a more colorful print dress by Pink Polka Dot (whenever those dresses/tops are available at the sample sale in my building, I always seem to snatch something up!)…hey if it’s good enough for K-Cav and Audrina its good enough for me šŸ˜›  Anyway, the fashion section of this post is now over.

So instead of the usual drinks (mmmmojitos!), dinner, DJ and dancing…well actually we did have all that, but there was a coupla twists.  One being that there was also a private comedy show for us…which I guess makes sense, considering the party venue was a comedy club.  Was kinda “take it or leave it”, though I (and others) found it funny that one of the comedians kept teasing the office troublemakers and ripping on others that well…couldn’t exactly answer what exactly we do at work.  i guess you had to be there to appreciate it.  Even though the dancing resumed after that, it kinda upset the “rhythm” of the party…and a certain party tradition almost didn’t happen.  But I guess others wouldn’t have that and told the DJ to call out the CFO…and yes, once again while bustin’ a move to “Baby Got Back”, he ripped his shirt off…5 years in a row and counting!!

Then the after party…oh wait, before that, another “extra” that got added was this psychic lady who did “rock readings.”  And according to her, I still can’t let go of a former boyfriend, and I’ll never be happy unless I do.  Tell me something I don’t know.  Glad I didn’t have to pay for this one.

So I was unsure about the after-party, I actually hadn’t gone to it in years but this year what the hell, why not.  Originally was gonna be here-but like 15 minutes after I got there I can’t remember why, but the consensus was to go elsewhere.  I think peeps were disappointed they didn’t get a chance to partake in the chocolate covered bacon that this place offered.  Then the “plan B” bar was too crowded…and I said “Why don’t we just go to the Monkey?”  And so we all did.  More drinking and dancing…and singing along to seemingly every song that came on, I most vividly remember all of us almost screaming along to “I Gotta Feeling.”  I called it a night around 1 AM, glad I wasn’t working Friday!

And thankfully not too too hung over, as I had to go visit the doc on Friday to get fitted for my new and (hopefully!) improved orthotics…and so I wait (I think about 2 weeks.)  And I guess keeping up with the same old same old for now.  Though I do feel like this whole “no running” thing is just killing my social life…yes, how sad, my social life is so tied into running.  But seriously, no one wants to do multiple loops of the reservoir-which is what I’m trying to stick with right now, since where I come from, thats the closest I can get to no hills.  Though I do hope to be able to run the 4-mile loop by New year’s eve, so I can actually partake in my somewhat annual “let me try and forget that I don’t have anyone to kiss at midnight” ritual.  (Though if I do get any better offers, I’m not object to accepting them.  I’m just not counting on it.)

And was it really 2 days ago that it was in the 60s…OMG it’s, like, snowing!!  Wonder if NYRR will turn tomorrow’s 10K into a “fun run”?  Well if they don’t, good luck to all those running!!  Still undecided on whether I will actually go out and cheer…that 8am race start is a little much for me.

Oh and for all of you CrackBerry owners…or those who have not drank the iPhone Kool-Aid-this blog (written by the bf of a former Flyer who moved to the left coast a few years ago) is for you!!  And iPhone owners, I don’t even want to hear that your precious iPhone has feelings šŸ˜›


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