same script, different cast

So probably the most strenous workout I got this long weekend was dodging the masses at Penn Station on Thursday morning-I had never seen it be such a zoo!!  I couldn’t even buy my train ticket, the lines were so long-thankfully they weren’t checking on the train out of Penn and I was able to get my tix in Secaucus πŸ™‚  But made it to NJ and ate more than I had any right to with my limited running these days πŸ˜›  Oh yeah, and I guess I was able to work some of that off by braving the holiday shopping crowds-made sure to pick up plenty of lumps of coal for those who deserve it πŸ˜›

And ok…guess I was able to do a little running.  30 minutes on the dreadmill on Friday, actually felt fine…almost like I didn’t even have a (sh)IT band.  And ran the rez last nite, but the (sh)IT band was talking to me by the end of the run.  Wasn’t screaming, but wasn’t being quiet either.

So saw sports doc #1 today and told him the whole MCM chronicles, the deal with PT, etc.  Did a little more examination and noted there is still a little something going on at the knee, examined my gait…so long story short-plan of action right now is new orthotics (which may set me back but like I said, it’s an investment in my running future-orthotics are essential for me, they saved my running life!  and hey, my parents wanted to know what I want for Hanukkah πŸ˜› ) since the ones I currently have are pretty old, and may not control the pronation in my right leg enough (which is part of whats buggering the (sh)IT band)  And got another prescription for PT…so basically “same script, different cast” refers to that, as now I can switch physical therapists!!  (And when I told the doc where I was going for PT, he did say that they weren’t particularly known to really know runners.  Oh if only I knew it before…)

So unlike my appointment with the other doctor-I at least walked out knowing that there is a plan of action.  And actually, the topic of a cortizone shot did come up but I said only as a last resort (remembering when I got one for plantar fasciitis, and it didn’t work and only made that injury worse!)  The doc commented that it was very unlike most runners, as they just want to get healed and get back on the roads right away.  (Well hasn’t it been established that I’m not like most runners? πŸ˜› )  But what I said was at this point-the marathon is over and long gone, and at this point I’m not really looking for a quick fix as much as a long-term game plan so I can kick this thing for good!!  After all, I do want to try again for 26.2 next fall…and me and a coupla teammates are already discussing a certain one πŸ˜‰


4 thoughts on “same script, different cast

  1. Ugh..orthotics and cortisone. Several years ago I saw several running doctors about a knee issue. I ultimately went with the one who said I should not use orthotics — I learned to walk or run with my gait, my bones, my joints and orthotics mess with that learned balance. But I know many, many other runners who say orthotics have saved them. Good luck…

  2. Yeah, say no to cortisone! They actually slow down the healing process and does nasty things to your bones, muscles, and joints. I'm glad you chose to do things the right way.Happy healing to you!

  3. As to cortisone (which I've never taken), my orthopedist's wife is a top local masters runner who's been having some injury issues. His view: avoid it if you can, largely for Lam's reasons.I'm also dealing with the IT Band (for the first time), but it hasn't reared its ugly head in the past few weeks. While running at least; it really hurts sometimes (but rarely now) when I'm just sitting.If you're still in need, I know a city PT who does know runners.

  4. NY Wolve-yeah, i'm one of those who had orthotics save them-originally I got them when I had plantar fasciitis and I needed much more arch support than most shoes could give me. They worked-that injury has thankfully stayed away!! (though this other one just had to crop up in its place!)Lam-that was what I was told when I got it for my PF…there was one stubborn spot that wouldn't quite heal and wouldn't you know it, thats where the shot was. If I need it as an absolute last resort, so be it, but I prefer that a doctor tries to get to the root of the problem instead of covering it up. (And as it turned out-the shot didn't even work, the pain returned 2 days later!)Joe-I feel your pain…this is my first time dealing with the (sh)IT Band and it sucks!! Maybe part of it was the timing, that it struck around marathon time, but tough all the same. Would love to hear your PT recommendation-thanks!!

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