the race to register

I know this is old news by now since it’s been over the place (of course, since this is, like, the only race that matters, seemingly) but registration for Boston 2010 closed out on Friday-in record time!!  From what i hear, 2 months earlier than last year, and even that is early?  I just feel bad for those who were gonna give qualifying a shot in Philly or Vegas or somewhere else in November, December or even January!!

I see a couple of things happening because of this…first off, next year all the September/October marathons are gonna fill up quick (anyone want to bet that Chicago sells out in record time too?)…November races like Philly just may take a hit because of this.

The other thing-which I am really hoping does not happen but I have a sinking feeling it will-is that the qualifying standards are gonna be made stricter for 2011.  All this busting my butt to try and run a 3:40, and then possibly that may not even be good enough.  And if the standards are gonna be tightened, by how much?  Maybe I can sneak in a 3:35 (and 59 friggin seconds if I need it!).  But 3:30?  No way.  But then again, there is the consolation that I move up an age group in 2012…hopefully the 5 extra minutes won’t get taken away!!  I’d prefer to run the under-35 qualifying time, whatever it winds up being, but I may have to take what I can get.  And why do I care so much…eh maybe stuff I was thinking about in this past blog post is part of it…

Changing the topic, I just wanted to point you all to a very funny blog post about a cheater/bandit in NYCM who was caught-thanks Yan for the heads up!!  This should be filed under “What NOT to do when trying to bandit a major marathon.” 🙂


5 thoughts on “the race to register

  1. ok so WHERE can a person get THAT shirt in that picture??

  2. I doubt the BAA would do anything. Either way, they are generating the revenue. However, I just feel bad for the runners using Philly to BQ. On hindsight, it is really up to the runners discretion to register a race early – forcing the runners to race a spring marathon rather than waiting last minute on the assumption that it would be shut out till january or so.

  3. Well i think after registration for 2009 closing mad early, people knew that January, even December marathons may be risky. But I don't think *anyone* expected those running Philly to get shut out. And with that trend, who even knows if BQ'ers at NYC next year may not make it in time?

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