the dust settles

Three days later…and I am still trying to process it all.  So many “what ifs” and “whys.”  In a way, I sorta feel like Carrie did in the Sex and the City movie after Big jilted her at the altar-though I was able to face the world a little sooner (guess there’s nothing that friends and beer can’t fix-thanks, AG πŸ˜‰ )

But just so much going over everything in my head, my mind has been on overload.  Playing the events of Sunday over and over and just wondering what I could have done differently, if anything, or would the ending have been the same every time?  Should I not have started the race?  Maybe…but I still felt I owed it to myself to give it a try…the doctor gave me the green light, I was doing my PT “homework” diligently…just wasn’t enough I guess.

And I know this sounds dumb-but I am not even sure what to do with the race shirt.  What’s the etiquette on wearing a shirt from a race that you didn’t finish?  It’s really too nice a shirt to ditch.  FWIW, it wasn’t a “finisher” shirt-but a “competitor” shirt.  But people assumed you finished when you wear the shirt, no matter what…

Now for the “Now what?”  Immediate plan is recovery, PT and cross-training-I can do yoga without buggering the sh(IT) band, and the physical therapist gave me the green light to do spinning classes and elliptical.  So may not kill me to do that for a month, that was what I did when I had my calf injury last year.  I am getting a second opinion on the knee next week, so any future racing plans will be up in the air til I get that second opinion…

Yeah, racing plans.  I do intend to run another marathon-I feel like I have unfinished business with the distance.  And is it me, or are the odd years just not good for me when it comes to marathoning?  2005 I had plantar fasciitis and had to defer, 2007 I had my work hell and was just too out of shape and really couldn’t train…and you know how 2009 went πŸ™‚  So yeah, I will try again, the question is when?  I thought the best bet would be to wait til next fall.  I’d love to run NYC again, but I don’t have 9 races and being a local, my chances with the lottery are slim to none.  I’m 36 seconds off from a half-marathon qualifying time so I can hope that maybe they’ll relax the standards by a minute, don’t think I can bust out a 1:37 or better in the near future.  And as I said before, considering I am all recovered by then, I’m strongly considering Chicago. 

But there are others who are telling me I should just try again in the next month or two if I really want to get to Boston for 2010.  And I’m just unsure about that, what if the same thing happens again?  Or am I just an unusually slow recover-er?  Thoughts?

More to come I’m sure…and in the meantime, GO YANKEES!!  Tonight begins the quest for #27.  And bring on the booze too πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “the dust settles

  1. Sorry to hear about your Marine Corps marathon result. just like anything else in life, shit happens. i dont think there's any point in dwelling on the past. What's done is done…yeah it's tough, but the best you can do is to pick up where you left off and try for another time. I heard the NJ marathon is a good course. Long Island is good as well, however the course after miles 13-23 is very "sad"…running along the highway and back…not fun at all!As for another marathon, if your body is up for it; i would say go for it! Here's the incentive…if you BQ within the next month, you will BQ till 2011 πŸ˜‰ Just run depending on feel and good luck!As for the IT probs- it went away after myriad foam rolling, bosu squats and leg strengthening ;)and MEH for the Yanks…..and Phillies doesnt have any redeeming quality. Either way, im phucked hahaha

  2. If you did not have an injury, I'd say go for it… BUT you do… get that IT band healed completely. Boston will be there in 2011, and 2012, and… you get the idea…The BQ will come…

  3. FlyGirl: I have to say I really admit reading your blog. I love your observations and take on things, how open you are. I spent 8 years in the Marines (home and abroad), never worked on or ran the MCM, but from what I read in your posts, what you so graciously share with everyone; I see a person who has a strong heart, exhibits what we called our Corps Values. Honor, Courage and Commitment. Not everyone I served with finished their tour or enlistment, yet they were still (and forever remain) Marines. Not everyone who starts a marathon finishes it, yet they trained and toiled to be there and so (in my opinion) can claim the title Marathoner. I certainly hope you will proudly wear your MCM competitor t-shirt, I always feel proud (for my service and for the runner who attempted the challenge) when I see the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on an MCM t-shirt. What you put out on an almost daily basis is something to be proud of; sometimes our bodies let our hearts and desire down then sometimes they don't. You'll get your BQ soon because you are too good not too.Semper Fi, Vato

  4. There is actually an article about getting over a bad run in the most recent Runners World that arrived in my mail box yesterday (Grete Waitz on the cover). Given I am running on Sunday, I didn't read it to carefully, but thought of you.

  5. Sell the shirt on ebay and use the proceeds to finance your triumphant return to marathoning! Wait until you can see the doctor to decide for sure. But if you can afford it and are running pain-free, definitely put all your training to good use. Sure, okay, maybe it will flare up again and maybe you'll have to pull out. But … hell, maybe you'll qualify for Boston. I honestly think it'd be hard to stay in the great shape you're in now over the whole winter (are you going to be doing 20 milers through January and February?), so why not try it? You won't know unless you try…

  6. hope you're feeling better–taking care of that IT band is your first priority. hopefully your doc visit next week will help. *hugs*

  7. Hi I have not posted a comment before but have read your blog for 18 months now and really enjoy it. It is one of the few that i do read. I live in Scoland but one day my dream is to run in central park and ove rthe brooklyn bridge.I am sorry to here of you rtroubles with your IT band.FWIW i suffered IT band syndrome before my first marathon, hurt badly ran anyway and it spoiled it, ran a second 4 months later (London) surprise surprise the same thing happened. Ran London again 12 months later without to be honest healing totally but i am an Aries (NO Patience) all well til half way then same thing again, that was the last marathon i attempted.What i am saying i guess is heal properly and well you have other years for Boston.Take it easyCol from Scotland

  8. New to your blog.I had an IT band problem training for this year's NYC Marathon (had it in late-September), which prevented me from running farther than 3.5 miles at a time.But, with heavy foam-roller work, some arch inserts, exercises, stretches, PT, anti-inflammatories and rest, I was able to get through the marathon with a decent time (if 10 minutes worse than my goal).It definitely wasn't a low-maintenance recovery, but my IT band is now in better shape than most runners, and it's only been a month or so.So, I'm hopeful the doctor's visit works out well — my doctor was super helpful — and that you get some good PT in.

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