wasn’t my day

Well I’m sure you all are wondering…and unfortunately it was not the ending I hoped for.

Long story short-great first half, on pace for 3:33…then things started to fall apart. Finally culminating with the (sh)IT band giving out and my day being over at mile 21. Yep. My first DNF.

I do think I made the right decision at the time-I had nothing to prove by prolonging the agony for 5 more miles. But I won’t lie, I am disappointed. And I have a feeling I am gonna be an emotional wreck come April (well when am I not, but this time moreso)

More to come when I return to NYC…


7 thoughts on “wasn’t my day

  1. I understand the disappointment, but you made the right call.

  2. That's too bad, but when the IT band goes..not much you can do except regroup for another day.

  3. I know the feeling all too well. I had signed up for the MCM this year, but had to take a rain check due to IT band syndrome that developed a few weeks ago.

  4. I am so sorry!!!You might not want to think about it right now, but would you consider a December marathon? Your recent PRs show that you are in fantastic shape, and if November could take care of the IT band issues, you could still post a marathon PR and join the crowd in April…Just a thought…

  5. Flygirl, my heart goes out to you,that's a tough brake,a runners worst nightmare human fraility a pain I/we all know too well.There will be other days,trust me,in 87 I suffered chronic dehydration at the Philly Marathon and only just made over the finish line,but in my very next marathon the 90 NYC I nailed a BQ and 6 months later ran a then pr.Your time will come trust me and when it does this setback will make it that much sweeter for you.Chin Up,tough times don't last,tough people do.Your star will shine

  6. (sh)it happens 😦 I know you made the right decision–the band is NOT to be trusted. hopefully you'll recover quickly and who knows, maybe a winter marathon is in the cards for you. as i said to uptown girl–boston isn't going anywhere.

  7. Sorry. I know you made the right call.

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