No I’m not referring to those annoying things you see when browsing the web that sometimes those gadgets in your browser can’t block.  Or that show on VH1 that would tell everything you ever wanted to know, or didn’t want to know, about your favorite 80’s nostalgia videos.  Or what happens to male runners (or other male athletes, or hell males in general!) when they get, uh, happy and excited, especially if they are wearing tight shorts or pants…hehehehehehehe 😛

I tried to combat taper madness with retail therapy today and was pleasantly surprised that one of my favorite clothing stores, The Limited, which unfortunately I can only shop at online or when I am in NJ visiting the fam, had a temporary “pop-up” store in Soho through today.  And the retail mission was successful as once again, I got my dress for the next Flyers awards gala well in advance 🙂  That was easy!  Now the real tough part will be making sure it will still fit in 3 months!!

So it’s Saturday nite and I’m blogging.  I know I desperately need a life.  Well I’m not drinking right now, so I’ll need another 9 days before I can get that back.  Plus I just want to chill and watch the Yanks hopefully clip the Angels’ wings for a 2nd night in a row 🙂  (well…even though I crashed before the end of the game last nite.)  Plus I have my last “long run” on tap early tomorrow.  The Flyers are running their annual “last 10 miler” and I plan to join them for 8 of those miles.  Here’s hoping the weather isn’t too too bad…

Oh yeah and an update on that other thang.  Had my first PT session on Thursday, and the therapist’s assessment was that I was actually still pretty strong and just needed some fine-tuning in the hip area to take the pressure off the (sh)IT Band™.  So had 1 session so far, will have 3 next week, and have some “homework” exercises to do at least once a day if not more (I’ve been doing twice daily…can’t hurt, right?)  Seems like that, plus tapering has been helping.  I even threw an MP mile into my run last nite (7:50?  eek.  On that note, who are the 2 wiseguys who think I am gonna break 3:30?) and for that mile, I totally forgot that there were even any hip or (sh)IT Band™ issues.  As per usual, no probs when I’m running MP…guess that means I will need to run marathon pace for 26.2 miles then!!  hehe…OK that was bad!  But hey, I haven’t totally lost my sense of humor during this taper!!

2 thoughts on “pop-ups

  1. Flygirl,I'm one of the "wiseguys" who thinks you can break 3.30 on Sunday.This is not a wind up on my part,I figured on that time honoured calculation take your best 1/2 marathon{1.37 at the recent PDR,double it and add 10 minutes….3.24}I believe you can do it,question is do you believe you can do it?I know what it's like to go for a "BQ" I failed miserably at my first attempt b4 rebounding nicely 3 years later and my next attempt in NYC,there's no better feeling than crossing the marathon finish line and knowing your heading to Beantown in April,you can do this,may all the forces be w/ you on Sunday.

  2. I guess the reason why I don't put too much faith in the 3:25 prediction is that i was appoximately 10 minutes slower than the times my best halfs would predict in both 2006 and 2008 NYCM. Possible? Never know. Guess I'll find out Sunday…thanks for the good wishes!

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