"guess my marathon time", MCM edition

I may be tempting fate by posting this, but what the hell. Yep, it’s that time again.

Again-realistic guesses please! šŸ™‚ To help, here are the stats…

Only two marathons to date-NYC 2006 in 3:58:26 (splits of 1:58:02/2:00:24.) and NYC 2008 in 3:44:14 (1:50:43/1:53:31)  Both had picture-perfect weather.

This time, topped out at a 54 mile week, with 11 weeks where my mileage was at least 40 (2 of those being 50+), and three 20-milers. Races-this time around my best 5M time was 36:49 and best half-marathon time was 1:37:36 (last year I ran the same exact races in 38:11 and 1:42:20.)

In terms of predictors for now…my Philly Distance Run time predicts 3:25:50. Uh yeah. My Club Champs 5M time predicts 3:36:35…more realistic, perhaps?

I know the MCM course is supposed to be flatter than NYC…not sure how much of a difference that will make.

Again, one of the choices I feel is very unrealistic (although I know some of you think otherwise!), but I felt I had to put it in anyway.

Right now, the goal is…well you know what the goal is šŸ™‚

Vote early. But do not vote often-I once again fixed it so certain people won’t try and stuff the ballot box…you know who you are šŸ˜‰

Thanks for playing!

What will my MCM time be?(polling)

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