taper madness continues

OK, so did give in and check out the weather forecast.  It looks perfect for now…thank god one thing is going right!!

So yesterday I go to my sports doc to get my (sh)IT Band™ checked out.  Turns out it’s not really so much a knee problem than it is a hip flexor problem that was putting stress on the (sh)IT Band™…not as much overuse as it is bad biomechanics (?)  Surprised since I thought my right side was my stronger side (both my previous injuries were in the left leg)…but in yoga classes when we do poses like pigeon and lotus that stretch out the hips, I do feel it more on the right than left, so it does make sense that there is something there.

So the doc sent me home with some anti-inflammatories to take down the pain and a prescription for PT-getting in 2-3, preferably 4 sessions before the marathon…yes, he said this is fixable and I can still run the marathon.  And my first session was supposed to be today, but the receptionist wrote it in their book for tomorrow instead of today.  And of course taper madness me flips out, I mean I can’t leave work early 2 days in a row!!  So unfortunately I have to go mad early like before work tomorrow…but it’s just like I want this thing starting to be taken care of already!  Not much time left…

On top of all this, I feel fat from the reduced mileage and from the eating more/carbo-loading.  Especially since I was bad today and had to indulge in the warm chocolate souffle for dessert when out to lunch for coworker’s b-day (and it wasnt even as good as it had been previous times!)  I did resist the wine though, even though try having a bottle of sauvignon blanc sitting right in front of you, taunting you!!  Sigh.  I really need to work out tonight.  I feel like I’m having a Kelly Taylor moment or something.


3 thoughts on “taper madness continues

  1. Can I laugh at your taper madness post? Pretty please:) I loved the "feeling fat" portion. A definite sign of taper madness or as I like to call it: taper-me-silly! You're so ready to rock DC!

  2. I have to tell you that last night on my run at the nearby University…a girl was running towards me and i was like WTH??? even as she passed me she could have been your twin!!you werent in Houston Texas last night were you?? ;o)Junebug

  3. found your blog today. highlighting it on my blog today…

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