the last dozen

So yesterday marked the last double-digit run til the big day…which was actually a repeat of the NYF Bridges Run that we did last month!!  But no need for me to do the full 20 so the perfect solution…meet up with the group at the downtown Urban Athletics store (which was the first water stop anyways) and run the last 12 miles!  And so I did.

Was well carbo-loaded thanks to a belated b-day dinner the nite before…and was nice and relaxed thanks to some, well, “relaxing” that nite too 🙂  So Sunday morning, go through usual pre-run routine, calculate what time the 9:30s will get to UA…leave myself enough time to get there.  Or so I thought.  Even though almost every single subway line had weekend service changes, thankfully the changes to the C would work for me…still stopped up by me, but went express from 59th to Canal St.  Perfect-best of both worlds there…uh, no.  We’re stopped for a few minutes just before 42nd st…”door problems” on a train in the station.  And finally we’re moving again…til the train stops again just before 14th st…this time “mechanical problems” on a train in the station.  It’s always something!!  We finally did get moving and made it down to Chambers St without any more “stops” but still left me freaking out about whether or not I will make it in time.  As always, gotta love the MTA…

And also gotta love that I have no sense of where the hell I am when I’m downtown (yeah, I seem to have this problem south of 14th St)…so I get out of the subway and not sure which way to go…I eventually figure it out but then I am afraid I am cutting it really close.  Well turned out no need to worry…only the 8’s and 8:30s were there so I was in time.  And soon the 9’s came along…which at first I was pondering joining them but they said they were going faster than 9’s so NEXT!!  Finally, my 9:30 peeps arrived…waited a few minutes for them to utilize the water stop, then we were off!

So yeah, familiar route, done it before…was really a pretty drama-free run.  Unlike last time, I didn’t have to consult the maps when we got to Brooklyn 🙂  And there was no losing PowerGels, no ObsceneCam™ taking pictures…thankfully no crazy bikers threatening to knock me down 🙂  And before I knew it, we were making the turn onto Madison Ave to finish up at the uptown Urban Athletics store.  A dozen miles, the last double-digit run-done!!  Stayed around to chat some people up 🙂  then me and Runner26, as per usual took the M96 back to the west side…during that time we chatted about lotsa things…like all of you 😛  Then usual SBux, shower, nap, ice…not so usual (ok maybe usual) being lazy and watching the baseball playoffs…was very entertaining-from the Red Sox game to the Yanks advancing…yep thats why the Yanks are the Yanks!!  Bring on the Angels…though I beg for no 10PM game starts when they are on the west coast!!

On another note, thankfully my cold has been kicked, but keeping with the “shit must hit the fan during the taper” theme, my IT band-or as I will refer to it going forward…my (sh)IT Band™  has been acting up and the mileage reduction did not seem to be helping-though I was stretching, icing and rolling the hell outta it as well.  So I took today off from running in favor of some yoga, foam rolling and more stretching…and I’ll get the (sh)IT Band™ checked out tomorrow so I can sleep better at night.  I am still optimistic-albeit cautiously-that I will be able to run in 2 weeks (encouraging thing is I feel absolutely nothing when I run at MP as opposed to slower speeds)…I’ll be damned if 4 months of hard work is for nothing.  So you see, this is why I’m not freaking out yet about the weather forecast, even though it is up… 🙂  First off, it’s way too early…not to mention I got more important things on my mind.  Keep your fingers crossed…

Congrats to everyone who ran and raced this past weekend…from mile to marathon!! 🙂


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