eye on the prize

I almost don’t know what I can say after that last post…like any blog post I write after that one is gonna be such a letdown or something 🙂

4 days out and still feeling pretty good.  However, no resting on laurels for this chick…eye on the prize, and the prize is MCM.  And being 31 days out, gotta keep on rollin’.  If I didn’t have a race like that to train for, I’d just take this week as a recovery week…but I still got miles to do, miles to go before I sleep… 🙂  As much as I would have loved to take Monday completely off, thanks to the wonders of scheduling, I made yesterday my “off” day and ran Monday morning…and Tuesday evening too!!  Just kept the pace and everything really easy, and I intend to do the same for the rest of the week.  Was still a little sore Monday and Tuesday, but not bad, and it had all but faded by yesterday.

So while running Tuesday nite, I ran into a few Flyers on the lower loop, when they were finishing up their speed workout.  And assistant coach J had heard about my race and was trying to predict my marathon time…and yeah, using the “half x 2 + 10 minutes” formula…came up with 3:25 too.  Though I do appreciate his vote of confidence-he had told me about 3 years ago when we were chatting after the ’06 marathon…that based on how I ran in ’06, and from his experience, he knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d hit that elusive 3:40.  (Why did I never believe it?  For the longest time, I really thought my best shot would be to qualify with a 3:45 as a 35-year old.)

So anyway.  I do feel that unlike the half, the marathon is not the best distance to take chances, or have super-aggressive goals…and considering that MCM is not as flat and fast as Philly was, I do have to adjust for that.  And I do have to remember, “eye on the prize”…which is 3:40-I wouldn’t want to lose that to chase down something more aggressive.

And continuing with the “easy does it” theme for this week, I will be running the 18-mile tuneup on Sunday…definitely not racing it-just doing as a long run.  (And you can bet I will not make the same wardrobe mistake I made last year!)  I do hope to run with someone and pace her to a good time…my way of giving back! 🙂  And while others are running blazing fast miles, I hope to be able to watch some of it…let’s see if can actually not be lazy this year! 🙂


One thought on “eye on the prize

  1. Haha…yeah, I faced the same dilemma myself. I had the hardest time coming up with a followup post! It must feel really good that every formula in the book and on the web has you finishing more than 10 minutes faster than your goal time, which is a really big cushion. I, on the other hand, must do more work to get under 1:25 for half just so my half x 2 + 10 formula can predict a sub-3 finish. Dang!Good luck at the Tune Up! I am unfortunately not running this because I'm terrible at NOT racing when I'm in a race! I just don't trust myself not to trash my legs! Enjoy your new found speed and confidence.

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