fun with numbers

Talk about being on the ball.  We’re 6 and a half weeks out and MCM has already assigned us our bib numbers!!  (I seem to remember around this time last year, still having to wait another month for my NYCM number…oh and back in 2006, they waited til the absolute last minute…)  Anyways, I am the proud owner of…Bib # 8092.  So of course, now it’s time to obsess about the number and see if there are and hidden (read: lucky) meanings there.  Hmmm…well 8 plus 9 plus 2 is 19…and 1 plus 9 is 10….perfect 10?  Or 1 plus 0…number one!!  Wow, I wonder what else I can come up with….

Enough is enough there.  I just gotta get myself to the start line without psyching myself out or something.  So far this week…my “First Monday” run with the Flyers…and I ran down from the UWS to meet up with the group, so I got 10 total miles for the nite.  Was actually a nice nite…just me and the guys 🙂  After a lovely sunset run on the west side (and thankfully no biker collisions this time!) we “toasted”…or mourned, depending on your take on things…the end of summer at Chelsea Brewery…great way to spend the evening of Labor Day, before having to get back to reality (aka work) the next morning…sigh.

Some easy miles in the park last nite, some hard stuff this morning.  I remembered doing this workout at this exact week last year, and remembering it went very well too.  So I decided to do the best I could to try and replicate it, being that I don’t have access to a track in the early morning (so envious of those who live near the east 6th Street track…)  So I improvised…what I decided to do is use the Great Lawn Oval and have Mr. Garmin take .25 mile splits (.25 mile, 400 meters…close enough.)  Unfortunately, it didn’t go as well as I would have liked….

I don’t know if Mr. Garmin was acting flukey (I know that at least the heart rate monitor was…some of those numbers make no sense!) or if that oval is actually part downhill part uphill, but as you can see my splits were all over the place, no consistancy…not happy with that (8:32 pace is not tempo for me!!  Or shouldn’t be.)  Part of the issue was that even at the early hour of 6:30 AM, the oval had quite the share of unleashed dogs, which I had to dodge more than once and threw me off once or twice or more!  (A friend of mine told me that the Great Lawn Oval is the only place where dog owners can let their dog off the leash before 9 am.  Definitely good to know for future reference.  Wish I had known before…doh!!)  And then for the last quarter mile…I was hoping to close strong and throw down better than the previous 1:37, but with around .05 mile to go, a truck was blocking the road…which forced me to take an alternate route and have to turn around, therefore slowing me down…oh well.

Well, what is worrying me is that this is the 2nd speed workout in a row where I’m not feeling great about it, didn’t have that “I nailed it” feeling that I’ve had before.  And being in the thick of training, it has me a little worried, especially hearing about a lot of other people having great workouts.  And I’m not sure what to do.  Am I overtraining and I should give myself a break from speed workouts and just concentrate on getting in the mileage?  Do something different?  This is where it sucks feeling like I’m going about this alone.  When I start to doubt myself and my training…and don’t know what the right path is to take.

Well, at least I have 2 “fun runs” in the next couple of weeks to look forward to.  This weekend will be a reprise of the “3 Bridges Run” that the Flyers and Urban Athletics put on last year.  Last year I led the 9:30 group-and wound up averaging a 9:31 pace overall, aren’t I the coolest? 🙂  So I was more than happy to step up and lead that group again this year.  Then next weekend’s half…and dear running gods, please be good to me that day and show me that my training is possibly on track.  That is all.

And ahhh…lotsa sports action tonite.  Derek Jeter tying the Yankees all-time hit record…and now the Federer match is on…the remote is being utilized a lot, flipping back and forth!!  And even though the Melanie Oudin match didn’t end the way I think a lot of people (including myself!) would have liked, this will definitely not be the last we see of her!!  And I can say I was there to witness her first upset at the US Open 🙂  I honestly don’t care who wins for the women right now but on the mens side…Nadal FTW!!! 🙂


3 thoughts on “fun with numbers

  1. i get SO jealous of all the runs/races you guys have up there! you would think in a big city like Houston we would too.nope.go get em!

  2. If you play your # backwards, it says "I buried Paul."

  3. not that this will make you feel any better, but i haven't been having any good runs lately 😦 i'm just hoping that when the weather finally gets cooler, i'll reap the benefits of all this training. but it sounds like you're right on track w/ your training 😉 and by the way, don't be too envious of those who live by the E 6th st track…i was one of them and it has its share of downsides.

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