money’s worth

arthur ashe stadium at the us open

another year, another US Open, another beautiful day.  Baby bro and I did our annual “Thursday before Labor Day” thang in Queenz 🙂  And always, hoped for the best in terms of what players we were gonna see…little disappointed that Andy Roddick had the night session, and that Andy Murray was playing today instead, but little did we know-we were in store for some exciting matches anyway!!

Oh and in the “we can’t go anywhere without seeing someone we know” files…I see one of my Flyer teammates, my brother sees a co-worker, and it turns out our cousin was visiting the Open too…so we met up with him for a little bit.  And of course, we got our usual pic in front of the big tennis ball-holding beers of course…wouldnt expect anything less of the 2 of us!!  That was just one of many, uh, refreshments consumed that day…

doesn't my running skirt look like a tennis skirt?And believe it or not, we did actually watch some tennis.  Saw 2 upsets on the women’s side in a row-#4 seed Elena Dementieva and then #5 seed Jelena Jankovic.  These two matches…different, but the same.  Both were over 2 and a half hour three-setters, where it could have been anyone’s match.  (and my cousin said that watching women’s tennis is boring!!  I mean yeah, the men are better for eye candy…and they can play too…:) )

So the James Blake match-which is the one I most wanted to see :)-didn’t start til around 5:30-which left us wondering what they were gonna do, as the night session started at 7 pm.  Guess they’d get the match in, but keep the TV breaks to a minimum and hope for a straight-setter!!  Blake took the first set, his opponent the second…so much for straight sets!!  Third set went to a tiebreaker…Blake was playing a little sloppy (lotsa unforced errors) but he pulled that one out.

Oh yeah-did I mention that at around 7 pm, everyone who had day session tix for the promenade (aka upper tier) were allowed to move down to the loge and take empty seats there-in other words, a free seat upgrade for the rest of the match!!  We were sure taking it 🙂  So yeah, we had a better view for the rest of the match…which Blake was able to take in 4 sets, he dominated that last set!!  No time to watch interviews-we had to get out of the stadium right away…where we saw the mass of humanity, otherwise known as the night session ticket holders waiting by the fountain to enter the stadium…and i’m sure after waiting for an hour and a half, they were restless!! 

As for me-just tired…long day, we were there for over 9 hours…hell, thats almost like a workday and I said that-but as my brother said “this is the furthest thing from work!”  Finally got home around 9:30ish…and couldn’t even stay awake to see the end of the Roddick match…

Well, we definitely got our money’s worth for our day session this year…some great tennis, a free seat upgrade, our session extended by an hour and a half-I’m sure when scheduling, no one expected the 2 womens matches to be 3-setters-and the second one with tiebreakers up the wazoo!  Ahhh, can’t wait til next year 🙂


One thought on “money’s worth

  1. Sounds like fun; it's such a great tournament. I have been watching it on TV (those upper tier seats do look far away), and I heard that one of the matches didn't start until 10 PM last night – wow.Happy Labor Day!

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