guess my half-marathon time-2009 style!!

yep it’s back!!  Less than 3 weeks to go til the Philly Distance Run, time for the guessing game to start…check out the new poll in the sidebar!

Realistic guesses please! 🙂 To help with that, here’s a little data…

Best half ever is last year’s Philly Distance Run-1:42:20
In terms of predictors for now…my Club Champs 5M time predicts 1:42:41. (not using either of my 5K races to predict…too short!)
In comparison, last year’s Club Champs 5M time predicted 1:46:30 and I ran 1:42:20.
As always, one of the choices I feel is very unrealistic, but I felt I had to put it in anyway.
My main goal for this race…would like at the very least a PR, but kinda sorta dreaming of 1:40…I’d take either sub-1:40 or 1:40:xx

Vote early. But do not vote often-I once again fixed it so certain people won’t try and stuff the ballot box…you all know who you are!

Thanks for playing!

What will my 2009 Philly Distance Run time be?(opinion)


One thought on “guess my half-marathon time-2009 style!!

  1. Good luck at PDR,b4 I switched to track PDR was my all time favourite road race to run,ran it in 89,90,91,92,96,01,02,03,04,05,06,I prefered the good old days when it finished just beyond the Four Seasons,rounding Eakins Oval and charging down the Parkway often in search of a pr…ah fond memories.Loved your blog,will check in to see how you do on 9/20.

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