whatever it takes

Even though I had a race a few days back, still no rest for the weary when you are in marathon training mode. Read: no rest day for me on Friday, still had to get some miles in…and even better so, in the morning before work!! I don’t know how, but I made it happen…

Then this weekend begins the 20-mile long runs for me. In the past, I made sure that my 20s were on weekends that had either organized long runs (e.g., Bridges Run, LTR #2, Palisades) or long NYRR races (i.e., the 18-mile Tune-Up.) Back in 2006, it meant having to do two 20-milers on back-to-back weekends…which in hindsight, was not a smart move but hey I guess I had to make that mistake to learn from it, right? I will have support for 20-milers #2 and #3, but was unsure what to do for #1. Thankfully, Flyers JM and DG organized a long run up the west side to the GWB and back for this past Saturday. Just add some miles in the park and that will get me to 20-perfect.

Yeah perfect except some idiot guy named Danny was threatening to make this past weekend a washout, Saturday especially. So what can I do? Two options-keep the 20 on Saturday and run in the rain but with company, or wait til Sunday and run it solo. I decided companionship was more important…you know, whatever it takes, I need to get these long runs in, especially the 20-milers. And it doesn’t hurt to be prepared in case of inclement weather on race day.

So that is what I did. I prepped well on Friday nite…carbo-loaded with some pasta and relaxed with some great company πŸ˜‰ and watched the Yankee game-YAY for another walkoff win!! And hey, they got their game done in the rain, theres no reason I can’t run in it. And I did get up Saturday morning and tell myself I was gonna do it. Unfortunately I slept a little later than originally planned, meaning I would have to do the extra 5-6 miles after the main part of the run instead of before but I’ll deal with that when it happens. Eat, drink, get dressed, apply lotsa bodyglide, put on the Flyers running cap, fill up the fuel belt (catching raindrops in my mouth doesn’t quite cut it in terms of hydration!) and get out the door and run the mile or so to 72nd.

And thankfully, there were quite a few others who decided to brave the elements with me and get their long run in. We actually had a very nice group going of Flyers old and new. The conditions may have been crappy, but the run actually went by pretty quickly and went well. I was feeling strong and steady the entire time, never once felt under-fueled or under-hydrated (gelled every 5 miles and took water when I needed it) and it was nice to find a new route to do long runs on (whenever I run on the west side path, I usually run towards downtown-never have run up in the direction of the GWB before.)

Back at 72nd, main part of run done, 6 miles to go, thankfully JM was doing more mileage, so off we went…around the bottom of the park, up the west side, through the hills, and during that time the rain picked up even more…thankfully we were almost done!! We parted ways at 102nd street where I cut off to run back to the west side. Thanks JM, for pulling me along that far…I got a little over a mile to go…at that point, this was nothing, and I actually felt good enough to pick up the pace a tiny bit-if anything, just to be done quicker!! πŸ™‚ Before I knew it, 20 miles were down and I was walking to Starbucks for a venti skim caramel macchiatto (recovery drink!) 20 miles-done and done!!! And here is how it went…

Pretty consistent, right? And I actually felt like I could have done another mile or 2…or another 10K! πŸ™‚ I’m taking it as a good sign, especially considering my first 20-miler last year was a bit of a struggle. And with my short recovery run today-my weekly mileage climbed from the masters category to the veterans for the first time ever-let’s see if anyone gets that πŸ˜‰ But it will be back in the masters this week…

And thanks again to my teammates who organized or showed up to the run Saturday-definitely made the wake-up call worth it!! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “whatever it takes

  1. 20 milers… augh… I'm just building up but they're coming soon.

  2. Geez…now you're just making me feel bad for not showing up! Pfft! Congrats on your first 20!I find it funny too that you run down on West side because I always run up. Different strokes for different folks!And you know what they say about running vets? Once you go veteran, there's no turning back! Haha!

  3. Josh-I actually don't dread the 20s as much as I did when training for my 1st marathon…but I feel like "wow, it's really getting close"-meaning race day…Lam-noooo dont feel bad!! you were under the weather! you had every right to stay indoors and dry πŸ™‚

  4. nice!! I can only hope my first twenty (in 2 weeks) goes half as smooth as yours πŸ˜‰

  5. what happened in 2006 when you ran long on back to back weekends?

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