my sub-20 5K…i mean 2.81-mile race report :)

So really, I didn’t have high expectations for myself at last nite’s Sunset & Suds 5K, running performance-wise. It was really meant to be a kinda sorta “fun run” for me. Something fun to break up the monotony of seemingly endless miles, wanted to support the local teams (Urban Athletics and the NY Harriers) who were putting this inaugural race on…UWS location was always nice (Riverside Park), free tech-T (a pretty nice one too *and* they still had it in XS when I got mine) and yeah did I mention free beer afterwards? πŸ™‚

So thankfully I was able to escape work at 5 and got home, threw on the racing outfit and the “fast” shoes, ate a little something (once again, powered by blueberries…LOL) and hydrated (not with beer!), stretched a little, then headed out the door…was a little over a mile to where the start was, perfect-there’s a nice warmup!! Went through the usual pre-race motions…got my bib, tech shirt, warmed up and stretched a little more…saw that we had a pretty nice Flyer contingent representing…including but not limited to Runner26, JM, JA, MF, LO, PD, JH. The usual “good lucks” and soon it was time to line up…looked like it was another free-for all but in a race of only 250 people couldn’t be that bad. Before we knew it, the starting horn sounded-and it totally took me by surprise!! OK…guess I have to race now πŸ™‚

So unfortunately, I think I fell back into my old 5K habits and took the first mile too fast (or maybe the Hoboken 5K was actually a fluke and this is just what I do? πŸ™‚ )…partially at the beginning when I was, against better judgement, speeding up to try and dodge others…then during this mile I was also trying to keep LO and some Harriers in my sights…maybe they’d be good to pace off of. Mile 1 was an out-and-back that took us past the finish line (how cruel! πŸ˜› But thats where there were the most people cheering, including Flyer JB)…when I hit the mile marker, I think I actually said out loud “oh my God!”-I was at 6:51. Starting off a race with the fastest mile I have ever run in a race (not including the 5th Ave Mile) may not have been the best thing…but let’s see how this plays out. Maybe, just maybe I can actually keep this up…

Mile 2 included a turnaround and then a little hill…I didn’t feel like I lost a lot of momentum here, but I was getting passed by quite a few runners, and my quads were also paying for that fast start…yeah was fading a little but I just decided to push through it. Someone was calling out what the cumulative race time was-didn’t need to know that, thats why I stopped looking at my watch inbetween miles πŸ™‚ And again we ran by the finish line!! Talk about mind games in this mile! But I actually didn’t do too too bad here…7:19, and I was actually expecting something in the 7:30s-7:40s. But still it being almost 30 secs slower than my first mile…yep, did go out too fast, all I can do now to keep from crashing and burning…

So now comes “just go for it” time, less than 10 minutes of running left. One more turnaround, then a straight shot to the finish line. In a way, this out and back was sorta good as there is a little familiarity and you kinda sorta know how far it is to go. There was a Harrier that was sorta my rabbit…tried to keep her in my sights and try and pick off a few other runners…which I did. The mile 3 marker was in my sight…wow, that was quick!! LG was standing by the mile 3 marker and was shouting encouragement to me to finish strong…I took a split at mile 3 but didn’t bother to look at my watch, just wanted to focus on the finish. But as I got closer I noted the finish clock…which was still in the 19s…oh no way!! I knew what this meant…but didn’t want to dwell on it in the moment, just finish the best I can…hey, it’d be cool to have a finish time under 20, regardless of distance!! And I did-19:56, according to my watch. (results have me at 19:58-though I did start my watch at the starting horn.)

And after consulting Mr. Garmin for the details…he said that “mile 3” was actually .71 mile-yeah, like I actually ran a 5:09 mile!! So that was a 7:16 pace…ok, didn’t crash and burn further in that mile!! I did have a strong finish though-37 seconds for the last .1 (6:27 pace?) So all in all, I ran 2.81 miles…estimated 7:06 pace. So pretty good considering I was training through this and had tired legs, right? πŸ™‚

So yeah, everyone afterwards knew the course was short…and most of us were all just laughing about it. Runner26 even noted that “no one seems pissed at all, they’re just laughing.” Well at that point, nothing sounded better than free beer. So me, Runner26, MF and LO headed to the downstairs level of the Hudson Beach Cafe, where the post-party was…and got on the line for beer-yes, that was a very popular commodity πŸ™‚ Drank and chitchatted for a little bit…then me and Runner26 got on line for seconds but just as we got near the front they said they ran out (but guess they still had one or two more somewhere, because I did wind up getting one.) So since we’d be paying for any further drinkage, we headed upstairs, where we saw a few other Flyers…they were about to leave, but I stayed and had a beer and hung out with LG for a little bit…talking about our race and other stuff. After my third beer for the evening was done, that was it for this chick-I still had running to do in the AM!! πŸ™‚

So all in all, I think it was a good night. First off, I do want to say that UA and NYH did a great job with this race. When there is an inaugural event like this one was, there’s bound to be a learning curve of sorts…and you just roll with the punches. I really liked the feel of this race…like a local club points race without the competitive attitude and i’d definitely be in for running next year! πŸ™‚ As for the race performance-very pleased. I don’t care that it may have been a PR if the course had been accurate. A 5K PR is not the goal, but running a good half, then a good marathon, is. And it’s reassuring to know that I can still run fast, even with fatigued legs and no taper…again, another good sign that training is on track.

And hey-it all made for a good race report/blog post! πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “my sub-20 5K…i mean 2.81-mile race report :)

  1. hahaha! i just posted my report too πŸ˜‰

  2. Good on ya! You almost beat my 5K time! Yikes! 5K's are good just to wake up the speedy fibers once in a blue! Still looking good for Philly and D.C….

  3. Official sub-20 or not, sounds like a great run!

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