"please do not fret"

Sometimes I curse the invention of the “reply all” button-mainly when it is abused and I walk away from my desk for 5 minutes to return and see 15 new messages from the same damn conversation to catch up on. (Do I really need to know that one of my colleagues has a 10-foot pole…OK, guess you have to see the email exchange to appreciate the humor :-P) But sometimes it can be a source of entertainment. Like this one exchange between two people in my group which grew a little heated and the one who had the final word told the other one “please do not fret.” (either that was the final word or “reply all” got changed to “reply” after that message) Anyways, don’t ask me why, but me and my fellow (now ex) group-mate just kept laughing about it…became one of our running inside jokes or something. πŸ™‚

So why am I thinking about that? Well, because no less than 2 people have told me in the last coupla days not to “fret” about Saturday’s race…and you guys know who you are πŸ˜‰ I look back at last year at this time and remember just feeling excited and optimistic about the race. I’m still excited about the race, don’t get me wrong, but I still feel like a bundle of nerves or something about every little thing. I’m in the yellow corral this time? But I was red last year for this race…damn, I’ve been demoted. πŸ˜› Easy 4 on the bridle path today, felt a little better than Tuesday but I still feel like I will need a miracle to feel good on Saturday morning. And can’t forget the 10 AM start in the summer heat! Or maybe I just also have other stuff on my mind thats bugging me that may not necessarily have to do with running…

I don’t even know why I’m nervous, it’s not like this is marathon day! But I guess there’s nothing I can do at this point but rest up tomorrow (thank god for a summer Friday!) and just hope that once the starting horn sounds, that the legs will just know what to do…

But to end this post on a good note-8th inning and the Yanks have a 9-run lead on the Sawx…gotta love that!! (of course now that I said it I just jinxed them.)

One thought on “"please do not fret"

  1. Good luck! Hope it goes well πŸ™‚

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