adjust, adjust, adjust…

With one month to go in the “unofficial” summer season…like it or not, the weather has finally arrived. Which is great for sitting outside and finally wearing those cute summer dresses but in terms of running…

Not surprisingly, it’s made runs more sluggish. And yeah, I know to adjust for the conditions. Still doesn’t mean I have to like it 😛 Like tonite, for example. I chose to pass on speedwork tomorrow, being afraid of getting too caught up with a group. Plus, figured today…that would mean an extra day of recovery before Saturday. I planned on doing the same thing I did during the week before the Mini 10K-5 miles with quarter-mile pickups at race pace, easy inbetween. When I did this workout 2 months ago, the legs felt pretty good…tonite, not so much. Don’t know if it was the heat, or the legs being tired from the marathon training mileage, or something else…but I wasn’t too happy with the times for the effort. And in fact, I wound up only doing 4 pickups instead of the planned 5…no need to push myself any harder.

What’s done is done. I got 3 days for the legs to bounce back, and I really hope they do. And to top it all off, the race is an hour later this year. Yeah, it’s nice to sleep another hour but…a 10 am race start in the summer heat? Come on…NYRR, what were you thinking? I’m not freaking out about the weather just yet, but you all do have to admit a 10 am start in the summer is less than ideal. Well…I was able to deal with the heat for my recent 5K. And hopefully all those cheering guys around the course will make me forget about it 🙂 But yeah…may need to adjust my goals…may not be a PR kind of a day. Just play it by ear I guess…


2 thoughts on “adjust, adjust, adjust…

  1. Don't fret nyflygirl…we're all in it together. Now, where's the calculator that lets you compare race times in different weather…we need one of those!

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