ltr, minus the hangover

ready to rock...Unlike 3 weeks ago-this 2nd edition of the 2009 NYRR Long Training Runs (aka LTR) was thankfully hangover-free. Amazing how much easier it makes things. Maybe there is something to not getting wasted the night before a long run…oh yeah and crashing early too. As I said in a text message on Friday nite “It’s Friday nite, not even 10 pm and I’m lying down half-asleep…what’s wrong with this picture.” I think partially the week of craziness, drama and morning runs catching up with me…plus an early wake-up call the next morning…

…5 am, wake up, do all my normal long-run prep, find my white quasi-see-through pace leader singlet. Not to mention having to safety-pin Mr. Garmin to my wrist, as the strap broke and I cannot be without him for an LTR, in case the people positioning the mile markers were drunk or hungover instead of me. Left a little earlier than I normally would, as I wanted to front-load with 2 miles to get me to 18 for the day, and I timed it all perfectly-got there just in time to check in, check my bag, find the rest of the 9:30 pace leaders so that we could all divide and conquer. We split up the 9:30s into 3 smaller groups, and I led the 1st group with my “dynamic duo teammate” TB and Flyer CG. We waited…for the 7’s, 7:30s, 8’s, etc…to leave, finally it was our turn.

Started out easy, but at around the half-mile point, our co-leaders thought we were going too fast…I said not to worry since that was due to the downhill and we’d make up for it on the uphill and sure enough we did. This being the 6th year I’ve helped pace these LTRs…I know it’s more about even effort than making sure every mile is the same…its tough to have identical splits in Central Park!! Anyways, this was a very nice group that we got to lead, but it was a big group!! It was tougher than normal staying in the rec lane. I think either the 9:30s should have been 4 groups instead of 3…but we did the best we could, considering it’s tougher to get pace leaders with the LTRs being earlier in the year. Or maybe an extra half-lane like they do for the races could help…hmmm something to think about. Anyway, the actual run part was pretty drama-free…get the miles in, yell at the cat every time we pass Cat Hill, refuel and regroup on 102nd street, start again…

With 11 miles down, CG was done, leaving the group in the dynamic duo’s hands for another 5, when we would then be done and any 20 milers would wait for the group behind us to come in and merge with them. Weather wasn’t so bad compared to during the week, though my shirt was soaked by then…and yeah, there were a few “wet t-shirt contest” jokes. This last 5 miles…though the legs felt fine, the stomach was not doing well-like I would have taken a break during the loop if I wouldn’t lose the group, but I felt I just had to suck it up as I was almost done and hit the portopotties once I hit the transverse. Which I did, but then I had to think about what happened. I ate and drank all my usuals the night before and in the morning. Only thing I did different was that I’ve been trying out a different gel flavor-tangerine flavor PowerGel which has double caffeine…and wonder if that had anything to do with it, since the plain flavor gels I normally use don’t have caffeine?

Well, at least it’s something that can be figured out in the next 12 weeks. And the fact that my legs felt decent after 18, and could have gone another 2 miles was a good thing. But glad I didn’t-no reason to be doing 20 now, and I should walk away from my runs feeling like I can do more, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

A short run today ended the week…was debating whether to dreadmill it or wait for a break in the thunder and downpours and just run outside. The latter choice won, and the rain actually felt nice. So that brought me to 45 and change for the week…bring on my cutback week, bring on Club Champs!! I’m ready for you… ๐Ÿ™‚

One thought on “ltr, minus the hangover

  1. ohhh yeah!! club champs on sat!

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