once again, it’s time…

…for another “guess my race time” poll!! This one, the Club Team Champs 5-miler edition. Check it out in the sidebar.

Now, I know you can’t predict marathon times from short distances like a 5-mile race. But according to the everso popular McMillan calculator, my time from last year’s race predicted a 3:44:37 marathon…and I ran 3:44:14! So pretty damn close…and why I’m curious to see how well I do here 😉

Once again-realistic guesses please! 🙂 To help with that, here’s a little data…

Best 5-mile time is the last of the old-school PRs…37:51 in the Father’s Day 5-miler in 2004.
2nd best is 38:11 in last year’s version of this race-which I claim as my “submasters PR” 🙂
If you want to count 8K times too, then 37:35 in this year’s NYRR 8000 is I guess my best most recent time for the distance…which is equivalent to a 37:47 5-miler.
In terms of predictors for now…my time from the Mini 10K predicts 37:51…why, that time looks very familiar!! And keep in mind, this race won’t have the Harlem Hills like the Mini did…not to mention that the Mini was before marathon training, on much less mileage…
The time from my recent 5K predicts 37:06. That course didn’t have the CP hills…but I do feel that I’m stronger in longer distances…not to mention that this race has great cheering sections 🙂 Also-I wasn’t tapered for the 5K…had done 15 miles 2 days earlier.
Loose time goal for now is a PR…to wipe the last of those 2004 PRs off the books 🙂
Again. one of the choices I feel is very unrealistic, but I felt I had to put it in anyway.

Vote early. But do not vote often-I once again fixed it so certain people won’t try and stuff the ballot box…you know you know 😉

Thanks for playing!

What will my Club Team Champs 5-miler time be?(surveys)


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