welcome to the central park zoo

Yeah I know I know…there actually is a zoo in Central Park. But it seemed last nite that the animals all escaped and spread out all over the park drives. Dear god, I know it was a Tuesday during marathon training season but the park seemed more packed than normal…this time Niketown and Team in Training being the biggest culprits. And those teams who decided to take your workouts off the park drives for the night…I thank you and say you were very smart to do so. And of course, it wouldn’t be a normal evening without seeing a handful (or more) of Flyers in passing. Loop done and I look like I just jumped in Lasker Pool. And I was taking it easy too as I was planning on doing my speed workout in the morning instead of the evening!

And yeah…that workout this morning. A previous commitment in the evening meant I had to get it done before work. And overnight, Central Park had changed from zoo to sauna. Yeah the park was much quieter, but the humidity was deadly. But facing it head on, it’s the only way I’m gonna acclimate. I had decided to do something simple but tough-5 x 2 laps of the Great Hill track (which is not 1/4 mile…339m, i believe?) with 1 lap recovery in between…5k pace or faster. Despite the conditions, it was actually a nice morning for a workout…the track was nearly empty, only 2 other peeps besides me there and concentrating on their workouts too. And sometimes it’s nice to do a workout solo once in awhile instead of with a group…as sometimes you may have to fight it out by yourself in the last mile or 2 of a race and this can help prep for that. The conditions were tough, but I just stuck it out and was pretty happy with the workout and the pacing…

…especially since a check back to the logs said I did a near-identical workout back in July ’06…and in near-identical conditions too. Only difference being that it looked like the recoveries in that workout were 90-second standing recoveries instead of jogging recoveries (which were over 2 minutes) And I had to do the comparison…

July 2009 July 2006
3:00 2:59
2:54 3:02
2:57 3:02
2:57 3:09
2:52 3:10

And I liked what I saw 3 years later 🙂 Funny how the first interval was very similar…but this workout wound up moving in a different direction, a better direction. I don’t know if it was being better heat trained or the mental game a little better but I’m taking it 🙂

And as for the reason why I had to do the workout this morning instead of the evening…eh, was supposed to go to happy hour with the coworkers…but being at the office til 8 tonite was a little bit of a buzzkill. Yeah I could have stopped by afterwards but after the day I had…was not in the mood for coworkers, especially one in particular and I didn’t want to be responsible for “accidentally” spilling my drink anywhere or on anyone. It’s all good…means I don’t have to worry about being so wasted that I can’t run tomorrow morning. (two mornings in a row? who am i…?) And thankfully it also meant I didn’t have to run in this evening’s torrential rains…


One thought on “welcome to the central park zoo

  1. FG – you should try coming down to Nashville in the Summer. If you can acclimate here, you can go back up to the Big City and it will feel like an October afternoon.

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