a tri-ing weekend

As you all know by now, I am not a triathlete. Nor will I drink the multi-sport kool-aid. Hey, I fully support those who partake in the sport. But it’s just not for me-I like focusing on one sport at a time. But this past weekend for me, just seemed to in a way, revolve around Sunday’s NYC Triathlon.

skivvies in actionFriday…well, that was an annual fave, the Underwear Run 🙂 And though i signed up over a month earlier, I was having second thoughts, thanks to some very unflattering dressing room lights making me wonder if I was kidding myself thinking I was in decent enough shape to do this. With some convincing, in addition to a different clothing store with better lighting, all was well. We had a pretty good Flyer crew, including Crazybandanahead 🙂 He and I actually stuck together during the run…he taking pictures as usual, and us just laughing and having a good time. It was a little quick, but surprisingly comfortably so…so I guess a 1.8 mile tempo run. And even better-we got caught on video here (and supposedly on channel 4 news very early saturday morning!)-you can see us with around 17 seconds to go in the video. Ah, can never duck the press… 🙂

So, Saturday was long run day…15 and change miles that took me down Sutton Place and 1st ave to the East Side path, through the lower tip of Manhattan (where I got criticized for “jogging” in a crazy area) and back up the west side to 72nd St. It was hot, but hey, I’m tough, I got through it, just needed to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate 🙂 After I was done running, I just decided to walk up the west side path for a bit…I saw where the transition areas were, as well as the swim finish. Cool!! The transition areas were empty, but not for long…

Sunday was tri watching day! Staked out my usual post at 72nd/CPW and waited for the triathletes to pass on by. First the male elites…then the female elites (and I saw the decisive moment of that race-where the eventual winner took the lead for good!) and then the age groupers. Everyone seemed to look in better spirits than last year…guess the jellyfish were MIA this year 🙂 And even though the humidity was deadly, it was cooler than last year-I was wearing my Flyer singlet and actually was a little chilly standing still! So once the last Flyer (that I knew of) ran by, was time for me to do my usual “if these guys can swim bike and run, then there is no reason why i cant get in a few miles today” run to finish off week 5 of marathon training. And by then it had heated up, but I stayed on the shady bridle path, took it easy and all was well. And left the afternoon free to uh, celebrate a good running weekend…yeah, thats what it was 🙂

So 5 weeks down, and it’s almost seemed too easy. This week I think may get a little harder with me having to do some more runs in the morning, thanks to some post-work obligations…whether they are fun or not. I did manage to get in a morning run one day last week and it wasnt as hard as I thought…lets hope that can continue. Probably my long run this week will be the easiest one to get in, as I’ll be paceleading at the 2nd Long Training Run this saturday and pacing the 9:30s again. 16 with the group, 2 frontloading-will give me a cool 18 for the day. Then finally, the following week will be a little cutback, as I prep for my first “test”-the Club Team Champs…which will hopefully give me some direction…tell me if I am “on track” or if I am kidding myself thinking I can run a 3:40 marathon. I know that you can’t predict a marathon time from a 5-mile race time but for what it’s worth-last year’s time for that race predicted a marathon time only around 20 seconds off from what I actually wound up running…i’m just sayin’! 🙂


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