treating myself

OK, with my old-school, 1st-generation iPod nano prolly on its last legs, and the ability to get so much more for my money these days…I have decided to treat myself to a brand-spankin’ new, 4th-generation iPod nano.

The question is…when would be the appropriate time to give myself that gift? 🙂

Now? I have finished 1 month of training…
Or maybe if I PR at Club Champs!!
Or maybe wait til the halfway point…something special to get me through the more grueling 2nd half of training.
Or make it a b-day present for myself?
Or sometime else?

And I decided to bring back the voting booth!! Yeah, I decided to put these choices in a poll and let everyone have their say.

Vote early. But do not vote often-I once again fixed it so certain people won’t try and stuff the ballot box…you know who you are 😉

And for those of you who are a fan of my “guess my race time” polls…rest assured, there will be one coming soon 😉

When should I treat myself to a new iPod nano?(poll)


2 thoughts on “treating myself

  1. I love my 3d Generation Nano. I recently lost it 😦 I looked ebay for a replacement, and, to my surprise, the 3d generation is more expensive than 4th Not sure why, but something to consider. I love the form of the 3d — about the size of a matchbook.I will vote for now, just because it is so much fun to get a new one and see how amazing they are.

  2. I vote for after you have 9 to 12 months of living expenses saved up in case of a layoff. This economy is no joke.If you've already done that, then great, go ahead and buy it now and enjoy it during your training.

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