sweet 16, sweet indeed

Another super sweet 16…no not a b-day or anything like that…but mileage šŸ™‚ Man, I do remember the days when 16 miles seemed like a hard task to conquer. Now…I wouldn’t say it was a cakewalk, but just so much less intimidating. Long run was done today, since I was spectating yesterday’s race (more on that later.) The Flyers were doing a long run up in Van Cortlandt Park today, but as many of them are training for NYC, were going shorter than 16, and as of yesterday, I didn’t know of anyone else who wanted to go longer. Plus I was tired and really didn’t feel like waking up uber-early…just wake up at my own convenience…better rested, better prepped.

Which I did. And had to tear myself away from reruns of 90210 (c’mon, who can resist seeing Jim Walsh have the same argument with Brenda and Dylan for the nth time?) to get out the door šŸ™‚ Wasn’t expecting to have any company…just me and the iPod šŸ™‚ But I did have a stroke of good fortune in the beginning of my run when I ran into LG who was near the end of his run and appreciative of the company…and so was I, yeah it was early but 1 1/2 miles was better than nothing šŸ™‚ I helped him finish his run strong-well if running ahead and yelling “catch me!” counts as helping šŸ™‚ But it was all good. Good deed for the day done, 14 miles to go for me, I can do this. Was hot out (gotta love heat training!) but was feeling strong…the music on the iPod was great and the miles were just clicking off like clockwork…I was kinda “in the zone.” Only part when I wasn’t feeling so hot (haha) was with 5 miles to go but I knew the cure-got a bottle of Gatorade, downed it faster than a shot, problem solved šŸ™‚ 12 miles on the road, last 4 on the bridle path…complete with an 8:15 last mile-uphill!! With the run done, I knew I made the right choice today by staying closer to home šŸ™‚ Having a run like this in the books can do wonders for the mental game šŸ™‚

cheerleader mode!  go team!As for yesterday, I reprised my “running and playing cheerleader during a points race” role during yesterday’s Run for Central Park 4-miler. Yeah, it was a points race, but I had already raced that week and didn’t want to do so much together. And I would not have scored for the team as our first 5 ladies all ran under 28 minutes. So-I figured I’d help more by being a friendly face in the latter miles and shouting words of encouragement. And some tough love too-as whenever I saw a Flyer walking at mile 3, I yelled at them to start running again šŸ™‚ To “do it for the team!” or whatever else I could think of šŸ™‚ So with my run done, left me free to enjoy the rest of the day…which was one of those perfect summer-in-NYC days that you just did not want to end.

And on the topic of *my* race-I did some playing around with the Garmin data from both this year’s and last year’s race…and confirmed a suspicion.

Yep-now I am convinced last year’s race was definitely not a full 5K. Which again, made this year’s race that much sweeter and that much better than last year. But I do kinda sorta feel bad for those who thought they ran a PR last year, or thought they ran a certain time that they really didn’t…shades of the Wall Street Run, anyone? šŸ™‚


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