i gotta feeling

I gotta feeling…that tonight’s gonna be a good night…

Whether playing on the iPod en route to Hoboken or by the race DJ, that seemed to sum up last nite’s Party With Purpose 5K. To get right to the point-I finally ran a 5K race where I was happy with the pacing and set a PR in the process. But hey, this wouldn’t be a race report without the details and the story, right…?

So I almost thought I would get stuck late at work, but thankfully I was able to change into my racing attire and escape the office by 5:30…hopped on the PATH train and made it to the Hobe with plenty of time to spare. Got my race stuff, and thankfully there was baggage check this year, so I didn’t have to waste time trekking to/from NYSC to lock up my bag (not before seeing an encouraging good luck text message on the Crackberry :)) Not much exciting pre-race stories…but when I started my 2-mile warmup…well to quote the lyrics above (and just happened that the DJ was playing the song at the time)…I had a feeling this just may be my night. Did my warmup, still a little time to kill…saw Flyers ES, NS, YP and AH while desperately trying to find water…was hotter than I thought it would be! Why can’t those fountains be on…oh wait, there are bottles by the post-race goodies…desperate times call for desperate measures 🙂

With around 15 minutes to go, was time to line up…and of course it was a total free-for-all. Me and ES, who were both out to really race, lined up a few rows back from the front. It seemed like we were a little back from where the start was yesterday, and I wondered out loud if that possibly meant that last year’s short mile 1…well…wouldn’t be this year. Of course the woman behind me heard it and started asking questions “was the course short? was the course long? will it be long this year? was the course corrected?” uh lady…I don’t know. it’s almost 7, can we race already? We started moving up…to where the real starting line was, which was the same as last year. By that time it was after 7 and we were all antsy to get going. Finally, finally, the starting horn sounded…

a little small...but still thats me in mile 1OK Mile 1…gonna run it hard, but not go-out-too-hard-and-die-at-end hard. Again, faster runners passed me and I just let them go…didn’t want to get sucked in. This mile was tight at the beginning, but opened up nicely…heard another DJ playing music, then time to go along the water. Ah, there’s that mile 1 marker. And I am at…7:09! Looks like they may have fixed that mile this year…and you know what, I just may be able to keep this up for at least another mile…

So Mile 2 was the mentally tough mile. That is where I always lose my cool in 5Ks and fall dramatically off the pace. I really did not want that to happen today…just kept running hard, and when I started feeling hot and uncomfortable and about to lose my nerve, I said to myself “It may be hot out, but you’re hotter.” I kid you not…and I don’t even know how that popped into my mind!! There’s the leaders coming back the other direction…the turnaround must be soon. Turnarounds kinda suck because they cause you to slow down and lose momentum (so glad they got rid of those in Central Park races!) And the mile 2 marker showed up in about another half-mile…and this mile-7:18! I was pleased, I really didn’t fall apart here, even with slowing for the turnaround. Things are looking good…

So I can run hard for 2 miles…could I keep it up for the last 1.1 miles? Only one way to find out…just go for it. I kept some of my recent speed workouts in mind…particularly those 1K repeats…tried to channel the energy I had those nights to right now. And I could see the pier in the distance…now all I needed to do was just get there. Finally, we were directed off the street and onto the running path…and I knew it wasn’t that much longer. Oh look, there’s Flyer FR cheering. There’s the final turn…and once again, no mile 3 marker. I can see the finish…come on now, finish strong, who cares if it hurts, you can rest in a minute…not even!! Gave it all I had…and finished in 22:23 according to my watch…official time 22:25, 7:13 pace-and a PR by 12 seconds!! And that last 1.1 miles was done in 7:56…if my math is right, that was a 7:10 pace? Wow, I did finish really strong, even if I may not have felt it.

So afterwards, just waited around for everyone else to finish…me and NS checked out the “beer garden” and thought it was kinda lame, so met up with YP and AH and headed to a bar near the PATH station. I enjoyed a coupla pints of Honey Moon while sitting outside on such a nice night…yeah, I think we all made the right choice to pass on the “beer garden” 🙂

As for the race-very pleased. Not just with the final time, but even moreso, the execution-I just might have this pacing thing down for 5Ks 🙂 And yeah, breaking an almost 5-year-old PR isn’t too shabby either. Maybe, if I actually taper and have cooler conditions…could sub-22 be possible? Also I do suspect last year’s course was short…this year I have no doubt it was a full 5K, so that makes it a little sweeter if that is the case. Funny thing-this year I was 23rd female and 7th in my age group…last year, 24th female and 7th in my age group with a race time about 20 seconds slower!! There were a lot more people running this year though (this year supposedly over 1,000 as opposed to around 600 last year…)…but damn-every year, the field just gets more and more competitive…

And speaking of “competitive”, my next race just defines competitive, the Club Team Champs 5-Miler. Now 5 miles is the last “common” distance where my lifetime PR (37:51) is still from 2004…will that change on August 8th? Stay tuned… 🙂


3 thoughts on “i gotta feeling

  1. Congrats on your great race and the PR! I'm glad you made a flawless execution and achieved your goal. We missed ya at the Philharmonic picnic but sounds like you made well with your own music just fine. Great job!Can't wait to see you in action at the Club Champs!

  2. congratulations on scoring a PR in your homestate flygirl!

  3. Lam-thanks! i missed u guys too, wish these 2 events wouldnt conflict every year!! Can't wait for Club Champs :)Moz-thanks!! my previous 5K PR was actually in NJ too 🙂 anyway, now you know why I wasn't at speed on wednesday 🙂

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