red wine running

Well despite my previous concerns, yesterday’s Long Training Run actually wound up going well. But as it turned out, keeping the pace was actually the least of my concerns that morning. To quote Lady GaGa “Red wine…I’ve had a little bit too much…” Long story short, lotsa sangria (and some white wine too!) on Saturday nite, not enough sleep. (This being one night after downing margaritas at the Boat Basin at a Flyers TGIFF. Hey…at least I’m getting this all out of my system now, right?) Even the extra hour didn’t help too much!! I was still able to wake up and get over to the park in time, but this was not gonna be pretty…

me with my saviors! :)Ran the mile to the 102nd Street Transverse, to see one of the 9:00 pace groups starting their 2nd loop…meaning the 9:30s weren’t that far behind. I just barely had enough time to grab a new paceleader singlet and stash my bag before I was told that my group was here. Thankfully I was paired up with my teammate TB (as we say, the 2 of us make up the “dynamic duo”) and HM, so I knew I’d at least have good co-leaders. And boy, HM and TB had to virtually carry me through that first 5 miles…sweating off a hangover makes for a very quiet Flygirl. TB played cheerleader for this loop…was just way too early for me 🙂 Well, at least it forced me to dial it back, because my worries about the pace? None really! We were all fine.

ready for another loop...bring it on!One 5-mile loop down. HM dropped off after this loop, leaving the 9:30 group in the hands of the dynamic duo. Even though the thought of eating made me feel slightly nauseus, I knew I had to or regret it later. I downed a tangerine flavored PowerGel, hoping the double caffeine could help perk me up a little…it did actually seem to work. (hmmm-maybe something to think about for the later miles in the marathon? As the gel flavor I use doesn’t have caffeine…) This loop actually felt a little better, I chatted it up a little more…and it did help that we had a bunch of really nice people in the group, who didn’t try and push the pace…definitely makes the job a lot easier!!

Another 5-mile loop down! TB was done and left whoever was actually doing the full 20 in my capable hands for the last 4 miles-well actually mine and my teammate JC. Took my plain flavor PowerGel for good measure and was ready to go. All remants from the previous night out of my system, the last 4 miles were smooth sailing. That last loop seemed to fly by…as we made the turn onto 72nd street instead of heading south as we did for the last 2 loops, we knew we were in the home stretch. Then one more Cat Hill. The at 90th street…really almost home!! A couple of the runners picked it up for the last half-mile…JC and I just let them go, with not even 5 minutes to go, if they don’t want to be “paced”…let them!! (though we too had a strong last mile!) Finally, we see the 20 mile sign on the 102nd street transverse and we are done!!

2:12 for the 14 miles…not bad at all!! I did feel like I had to hold back more than I have in the past, which was a good sign. And I’m glad I went with the 9:30s instead of the 9’s, this felt more comfortable (though i dont know whether the 9’s were on pace or not) and the runners were great, were very appreciative of our efforts. I told them no thank *you*-it helps to have runners who really work with you as well!! The organization was great as usual, as were the volunteers…nice perks this year included our own baggage area, misting stations on the course (nice!) and pretzels at the end (which I thought was much better than a bagel for a post-summer long run snack!)

Hung around a bit afterwards and then headed to brunch with some teammates…then after getting cleaned up actually headed back to the park for a coupla hours…yeah, can’t get enough of that place 😛 But I crashed mad early last night, everything did really catch up with me…

So yesterday’s 15-spot put my mileage for the week in the masters category as opposed to submasters (let’s see if you can get what I mean.) 🙂 Legs actually felt fine today…could this mean good things at tomorrow’s 5K race? I hope so…anything can happen!

3 thoughts on “red wine running

  1. We've all been there, lol, but I've never had to lead a pace group! Way to push through.

  2. sucks i had to miss this one..and the next one 😦 nice long run! and good luck @ 5K tonight!

  3. I missed this one too! But I'm coming out for No. 2 on 8/1…it'll be a celebration of sorts for me! Good job on pushing through despite the hangover!

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