fourteen on the fourth

OK, can someone please tell me how this long weekend went by so damn fast? And even moreso, how was it that the one month or so between holiday weekends (Memorial Day and then this weekend) went by so damn fast too? Does that mean that Labor Day will be right around the corner? I mean, I do have US Open tix for the week before Labor Day that I am looking forward to using but damn, don’t want to think about it just yet…

So-two weeks into MCM training and chalking up another strong week. I was very undecided about which day to do my long run on…decided to do it whenever the spirit moved me, or something like that 🙂 Which would be early Saturday afternoon…and how appropriate, doing fourteen miles on July fourth!! 🙂 But really, after a great Friday night which included a Brooklyn BBQ, lotsa sangria and some good times afterwards, I just felt good and ready to rock on Saturday. The route included some CP miles and some Queensboro Bridge action…I know there are a coupla bridges on the MCM course, so still want to practice that…has nothing to do with the fact that I didn’t want to do all 14 in Central Park. Nope, not at all!! Anyways, with the exception of the inevitable dodging of pedestrians, went well and pretty drama-free…and left me free to literally step outside my door and see the fireworks later. Well not really. But was only a few blocks away!! (not to mention a perfect excuse for a Boat Basin margarita!) Could possibly get used to this Hudson River thang…

So compared to the tranquility of Saturday morning, I awoke on Sunday with a little more angst, and I think that showed in my short Sunday run…forget I think, I knew when I saw Mr. Garmin say “4:00” at the first half-mile. Did try to call off the dogs then and there, but the run was still quicker than I wanted, especially for it being on the bridle path!! I mean, had I continued on for 21.2 miles at the same average pace for the 5 miles, I woulda had the BQ…hehe.

What’s done is done. The good thing is that the hopeful MP actually did not feel like I was struggling or hammering, especially it being on a slow surface. And especially it being this early in training! But that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be careful. I’ll be running the Flyers “first Monday” downtown run tomorrow, but stick with the back group and make it a recovery effort.

Then, next Sunday is the first of the 2 organized Long Training Runs by NYRR. Yeah, I know it’s early but I guess sometimes you can’t do much about scheduling and just make the most of the situation. Which for me, means getting to sleep in another hour or so and running 14+ miles with lotsa runner support, paceleader minidresses singlets, water, Gatorade, gels, the whole nine yards. And even though long run pace for me has been falling in the 9-9:15 range lately, I decided to stick with the 9:30s this time again…partially to give my body a little bit of a break, but partially because I am paranoid the 9:00 group will wind up doing 8:45s…which I don’t wanna do, especially if I want to converse with the runners.

And once again, I cannot believe this weekend has ended so quickly…Sunday at least definitely not was a total wash, what with yet another Yankee win, an exciting Wimbledon final (which did not end the way I wanted it too, unfortunately…A-Rod, you’ll get em at the US Open!) and some, uh, quality time…yeah that’s what I’ll call it. 🙂 Man, next weekend cannot come soon enough…

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