rain again?

seriously. enough is enough!!

and stupid me decided to take yesterday as a running rest day and run tonite instead (well considering my legs were still a little tired from Sunday, I guess it wasn’t stupid.) but either I didn’t look at the weather forecast closely or it changed at the last minute, because torrential rain was not in the forecast. at least not 100% chance.

But I still wanted to get in some mileage tonite…rather than worry about cramming everything in at the end of the week. So I decided to try and wait things out…if it’s lessened up to light rain by 7 or 7:30, that’ll work for me. And wouldnt you know it, it stopped raining as soon as I started running…hows that for perfect timing?

And I had the running cap on…partially because I’ll wear it when it’s raining, but partially because…i dunno, I guess I just wasn’t feeling like being loved by the running public tonite and thought I could go incognito…ha, never!! That plan really worked…all you peeps saw through the disguise 😛

And I was even iPod-less for this run!! I know, I know…who am I? But I just decided to leave it at home just in case it started raining hard again. Honestly wasn’t too bad!! Maybe I’ll actually leave it at home occasionally for shorter runs??

All in all, was glad to have gotten it in. A lot on my mind these days…and sometimes I feel that these runs after work are the highlight of my day…the one thing that is keeping me sane, perhaps! 🙂


One thought on “rain again?

  1. I had the exact opposite experience. Wanted to run long…like really long…16 or 20 miles…to celebrate my last long run here…only to have it start pouring once I left the apartment.So I begrudgingly marched over to the gym and got in 10.5 or so on the treadmill. I officially am sick of this weather!

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