week 1: in the books

Am I really in marathon training? This week just felt way too damn easy. Well maybe not a total cakewalk, but easier than what the words “marathon training” would lead one to believe.

Well after Thursday’s woe-is-me post…Friday’s work day wasn’t so much better, but the weekend activities, starting on Friday nite, more than made up for that 😉 However, that means right now instead of getting my beauty sleep, I’m trying to prolong the weekend as much as possible, not wanting Monday morning to come…the fact that I am watching the last game of the Subway Series has nothing to do with that though 😉

So being a little ahead of my mileage going into today, didn’t think too much of this morning’s 13-miler. I mean, 13 miles are EASY!! And I got more than half of it in while running in the other direction of this morning’s Achilles Hope & Possibility 5-Miler. And was more than happy to play cheerleader again, as these athletes seemed so grateful to have the support 🙂 Definitely left me with a very upbeat feeling during my run…I’ve actually never run or spectated this race before, but when watching, I kinda got deja vu of some times when I’ve been watching the NYC Tri…seeing the determination of some of these athletes…well kinda puts things in perspective for me when I want to complain, ya know? 🙂

So anyways, after I had 7 miles under my belt, I hung out near the finish with a coupla Flyers for a little bit and chitchatted and cheered…and oh yeah, I was supposed to have a running “date” of sorts for my last 6 miles but alas…another missed connection. *sigh* But no worries, I’m tough, I can do those last 6 miles on my own, and in fact, I’ll do them iPod free too!! And actually wasn’t so bad, except my legs were really, really fighting for that last mile…even afterwards, my legs were still shaking quite a bit…not sure what was up with that. Maybe not eating enough…or not taking Gatorade or something? It’s still early, so whatever mistakes are made now have plenty of time to get fixed 🙂 And wound up with 13.2 at around 9-flat pace…cool, a “long” half-marathon and I still broke 2 hours 😛

Additionally, I have come to the conclusion that I cannot set foot in either Central Park or the UWS on a Sunday morning without seemingly running into everyone I know. And today, it was not just Flyers or other runners, but also co-workers too. (why, oh why, do I run into everyone except the one I actually wanna run into? hehe.)

And once again, I have learned that wine (especially Riesling) is just wayyy too damn easy to drink.

Finally, this is my 600th blog post. 10 months have passed since number 500…yes I know, I seriously need a life. or a hobby. or both. 🙂

2 thoughts on “week 1: in the books

  1. i'm jealous of your easy thirteen 😉 glad it went well..

  2. Easy it was not!! I did have to fight for those last coupla miles. I think a result of me not taking my own advice :)And you will be running your own easy 13s soon enough…

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