there will be days like this…

well…I guess the feeling of being fired up was short-lived? 🙂

ever have one of those days…weeks…where you feel like you can’t do anything right? yeah. thats my life this week. sort of. (not going into detail, but i’m sure you can guess. not boy-related for a change though. whew! 🙂 ) and i guess the attitude followed me to last night’s speed workout.

guess last week left me with a little too high of an expectation…while i was able to sub-7 the shorter intervals, i didn’t feel like i could keep up the momentum for the 1K intervals, and had to run those at my actual 5k pace (as opposed to fake 5k pace 😛 ) which, in itself was a great effort, but I still kept thinking “how the hell did I run a 4:13 1K last week?” don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a good workout, but I didn’t have the “I rocked it” feeling I had last week. But after reflection, thinking, and words of wisdom from others, I felt better about it…all surfaces are not created equal (this week’s workout was on a slower surface), it’s still early in ‘thon training, I am still ahead of where I was this time last year, or even this time last month! Guess it’s possibly the attitude from the other stuff going on that was bringing me down, perhaps…

the good thing is that getting in the mileage was been a breeze so far…like i’m actually ahead in my mileage for the week right now-very good sign. some random 5 and change in the park Tuesday nite…which apparently i couldn’t get through without being a troublemaker at least once 😉 after said run, I met up with the Flyers on the UES where they were having post-speedwork drinks…so I rehydrated with several Blue Moons and caught up with a few teammates that I hadn’t seen in awhile. And as for today…well I was debating whether to make tonight or tomorrow my rest day. But decided to run tonight, as I needed to shake off some of the stuff going on…which led to an easy 4 and change on the bridle path to recover from last night.

Lucky 13 on tap for my weekend long run…and jury is still out on which weekend day to do it on…hmmm maybe I’ll run opposite one of the races like I did last week…if I can wake up early enough 🙂

In non-running news…OMG, what a sad day for the entertainment industry. I remember back in…I think 1984? It was either my birthday or Hanukkah, and my present was a Sony Walkman with a tape of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. And I remember everyone wanting a turn to listen to that tape…my dad, my brother, one of my friends…over and over again 🙂 Was just the “in-demand” thing, I guess. Just so unreal hearing about the events of today…


One thought on “there will be days like this…

  1. Thriller was the first record I ever bought.

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