weekend washout?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sooooo over this weather…yeah, cool weather is great for running. But I’m sorta missing being able to wear all my cute summer dresses.

And the rain is another story…when usually the rain goes away for the weekend, doesn’t seem to be the case this time…and it’s messing with all my weekend running and non-running plans.

Will tonite’s happy hour be outside or will it need to be moved indoors? Tomorrow’s run with the Flyers, will it get called on account of rain (heavy rain-not a drizzle). Should I get in my longer run today instead? And not to mention my plans to watch the 5-miler race in the park on sunday and cheer…but I guess I really have no excuse to wuss out of that :).

So much for global warming, huh? 🙂


One thought on “weekend washout?

  1. hey I saw you at the fathers Day 5 miles..You were running the opposite direction of the runners, and I spotted you around the bottom of the park. You look like your picture, LOL, at least as far as I remember and could comprehend it during my race. Thanks for coming out!

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