corporately challenged

Well, with last week being a quasi-recovery week after last Sunday’s 10K race…the so-called exciting part of my running week was actually watching Wednesday’s Corporate Challenge in the park. Yeah, I know, normally I’d think to avoid the place, but then a light bulb went off in my head and I realized “hmmmm…maybe, just maybe, I can, like, get on the bridle path before the race even starts, so I don’t have to deal with crossing the park drives.” So that I did. And it actually worked out well, I was able to see the race around west 86th…then ran over to Engineer’s Gate to see the race on the east side, where hopefully it’d be a little bit more spread out and I could cheer and even spot people. And it was perfect timing, I got to East 90th a minute or 2 before the leaders passed by. And I stayed there for a few minutes, spotting friends and cheering them on 😉 Cuz, ya know, I’m nice like that.

Then I headed north on the bridle path towards 102nd…figuring I can run in the other direction and watch the race that way. And besides, they’ll leave the bridle path alone, right? Wrong. 102nd was a mess, between runners cutting the course or deviating from the course on the bridle path. Jeez guys, stick to the roads, let the rest of us have our path for the night!! Where were the course marshalls? If I were a course marshall that nite, I would have taken down everyone’s number and made sure they were disqualified. OK, maybe I wouldn’t have the power to do that. But I wish I did. 😛

Ya know, I have not done the CC since 2006…the race/event, whatever the hell you wanna call it…I can take it or leave it, I don’t miss it too much. The last 2 years, my company participated in the Wall Street Run instead but this year…with budgets being slashed, wasn’t happening. It’s crazy, even though watching the runners, i didn’t envy them at all…in a way I sorta did. Maybe what I did envy was the whole “being part of a team” thing. Run the race, celebrate afterwards…well, I guess I can wait til until my favorite-est NYRR race, the Club Team Champs and party with my “other” (aka non-work) team 😉

Only other quasi-exciting part of my running week was my bridgey long run on Saturday…where I got semi-lost down in Soho/LES trying to find the Williamsburg Bridge (since I figured that would be the least crowded). Eventually did get back on track, but not without adding a little bit more mileage-meaning I wound up with 14 miles (instead of 12-13.) Which actually left my legs, as well as the rest of me, good and tired. I was gonna sneak in a short 3 miles on Sunday before the Yankee game…but the damn snooze button won out, and I figured I could just get it in later…but then there’s the game, then dinner in Hoboken with la familia, then getting back over the river…long day. And I decided it wasn’t worth fitting in a run…I wanted to hit at least 30 miles for the week, and 29.8 is close enough 🙂 And with go time in a week (eek!)-I’d rather hit it fresh rather than burned out already.

And speaking of baseball-OMG WHAT a weekend for the Yanks!!! Like Friday’s game wasn’t exciting enough…but witnessing that 15-0 rout of the Mutts was something else. 😀


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