"anything can happen"

Wow. One word to sum up the ending of last nite’s Yanks-Mutts game. The Mutts thought they had it won, but guess again!! Guess they weren’t expecting A-Rod’s fly ball to be dropped, letting the Yanks get another walkoff victory!!

But to me, the great story was not just in the dropped ball, but the go-ahead run. A couple of snippets from this article about the MVP from last nite’s game:

Mark Teixeira is not exactly known for his speed — that’s no secret around the Majors. He knows it and has no problem admitting as much. When the Yankees need speed, Teixeira is not one of the first players they want to see on the basepaths.That’s what makes his hustle in Friday’s stunning 9-8 win over the Mets even more impressive. Even though Alex Rodriguez’s popup to second baseman Luis Castillo appeared to be the game-ending out, Teixeira never stopped running. When the ball dropped, he managed to score all the way from first with the winning run on a hit that barely reached the outfield grass.

It was an improbable hustle play from one of the most unlikely sources. But Teixeira’s mad dash was an example of one timeless baseball adage — run hard until the play is over. When the ball is put in play, anything can happen.


Like everyone else, when he saw Rodriguez’s popup loft quietly into the air, Teixeira was thinking the game was over. It was a routine play. Still, he found it in him to run. Though he assumed the Yankees were moments away from a disappointing one-run loss, Teixeira never sulked. He just kept running.
Teixeira said it took him about 90 feet to reach full speed, but when he hit second, he never slowed down. After all, he said, “You never know what could happen.” This time, the cliche held some truth.


I know it sounds crazy, but I think remembering this could just help me in my next race…no matter what goes on in training, anything can happen on race day!! I may not be bringing a team home to victory, but finding that extra gear could result in a personal victory of my own…

Now the other question-I’m going to the game on Sunday, what are the chances that the ending will be just as exciting? Or you know what, I’ll take a not-so-exciting ending, just as long as the pinstripers win 🙂


One thought on “"anything can happen"

  1. truly anything can happen!btw, Im envious you're in NYC. I miss it terribly too much already – having central park and the entire city to take a route to.http://runaholic.wordpress.com

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