show me what you got

the game face begins on central park west...

the game face begins on central park west...

Show me what you got lil mama
Show me what you got pretty lady
Show me what you got shawty
Show me what you got baby

Hands up and wave (show em what you got)
and wave (show em what you got)
and wave (show em what you got)

And yeah, another race report where I start off by quoting some song lyrics…this time it’s Jay-Z (speaking of, anyone remember like 10 years ago when everything on the radio was by Jay-Z? Or DMX? Or Jay-Z featuring DMX? Or DMX featuring Jay-Z? Or even better-a collaboration of Jay-Z and DMX? OK, getting off the topic a little here…)

So yeah-for this year’s Mini 10K…well I had a feeling it was my time to show the course and everyone else “what I got.” Unlike some of my latest races…Sunday morning I wasn’t nervous at all…was strangely calm the whole time…from pre-race prep, to my warmup down Central Park West, to lining up and waiting for the start. The weather was a little warmer than expected, but didn’t really faze me. Something good was gonna happen today, I can feel it.

So me and Flyer TB were lined up in the blue(!) corral and listening to the speeches, chitchatting, the usual. And then Deena Kastor addressed the crowd and mentioned that she wasn’t racing due an injured foot, but just running the race easy (um, if 7 minute pace is easy!) with Mary Wittenberg. And where do the 2 of them line up? Right next to me and TB!! I wished Deena a good run and she shook my hand and wished me the same in return. Once again, don’t we have the coolest sport, where we can toe the line with the best of them? I was more excited to get going and race, and soon enough we did!!

Mile 1 (7:28)-I decided to try a different tactic this year with the flat CPW mile…usually what I did was use the flatness to my advantage and go out hard…only to lose 10-20 seconds on the remaining miles. This time, I tried to hold back just a little bit and see what happens. This still turned out to be the fastest I have ever run this mile. Let’s see how this plays out…

Mile 2 (7:33)-Enter the park, enter the hills. Spotted some Flyers, including NC, JN and JJ cheering on the sidelines. Still feeling pretty damn good and just using some other club singlets in front of me as rabbits. And unlike previous years, I didn’t have the “I wish this was over” feeling. I was kinda shocked when I saw the mile 2 split around 102nd street…holy shit, I didn’t lose much time at all!! Maybe, just maybe, the initial strategy can play off…

Mile 3 (7:34)-first real big climb of the race. Right before hitting the hill, I spotted speedy Flyer JS walking and just asked breathlessly if she was ok after I passed by. I knew walking now, couldn’t be good. And right when I hit the hill, I spotted LG from Urban Athletics cheering for the runners as well, and he gave me some encouragement to attack the hill, and assured me that I was still looking good 🙂 Attack the hill I did, and just flew down the downhill…was really a great feeling, just knowing I was having a GOOD day…where I felt horrible in the past, I was still feeling strong. And as for my mile split-wow!! Once again, I am nothing if not consistent 🙂

Hit 5K at 23:29…and I had to laugh at that. Why? Because that was what I ran for 5K 2 weeks earlier…and now here I am running that in the first 5K of the race, a hillier course, and still feeling like there’s something left? And also, I did some quick math and thought…wow, if I keep this up, I’ll PR, I’ll break 47…I know the 2nd half is a little tougher, but I have negative split this course once before (by 1 second, but still it was!) Can I do it…?

Mile 4 (8:07)-Guess the last Harlem Hill, not to mention the sneaky incline of this mile, affected me more than I thought. I expected to lose some time in this mile, but not 30 seconds. Mental note-must work on hills. But this mile wasn’t all bad…I wasn’t feeling horrible. Saw Flyer BC taking pictures, and then GW and JD cheering near Engineer’s Gate…I sorta acknowledged that I saw them, but no smiling and waving for me…the game face was on today.

the light is at the end of the tunnel...just 1.2 miles to go...

the light is at the end of the tunnel...just 1.2 miles to go...

Mile 5 (7:37)-the worst is over, it’s all downhill from here. (or so someone yelled at us. guess she forgot about that last .2 mile.) Time to take it up a notch. And I was just flying by people in this mile…the CPTC woman who I was sorta pacing around in miles 2-4, a NYH singlet, a GNY top…then some woman in a black sports bra who chastized me and told me “not to cut her off.” Um, excuse me missy, you don’t own the road. There was actually enough room and you know what, it’s a race, it’s every woman for herself. (And as someone else told me…she obviously wasn’t working hard enough if she can say that in mile 5!) Oh I had to beat her now…she’s going DOWN!! Down Cat Hill and was hoping to see the Flyer contingent at 72nd street…wasn’t one this year (well with the exception of Dr. Evil and AS taking pictures). Guess they were scattered around the course instead.

Mile 6 (7:38)-Tired. So tired. But there’s less than 10 minutes of running left…run hard now, you can rest later. I finally passed by black sports bra lady for good (yay!) Flyer PD was cheering partially through this mile…and you know, as tired as I was, I still felt tons better than i did last year when I spotted him at that same point…then I had to walk, and I signaled that I wasn’t doing too good. This year, none of that!! Still catching up to and passing people…guess that decision to hold back in mile 1 paid off, huh? 800 meters to go. A little bit harder now. Just one more climb to finish in a coupla minutes…get psyched for that. Moz was around the mile 6 marker and taking pictures and cheering-thanks again!



Last .2 mile (1:30)-At this point, I wasn’t looking at my watch, so I wasn’t sure if there was a time to get under, just kill that Tavern on the Green hill. LG was cheering again around here…even though I didn’t see him, I heard him encouraging me to catch some of the women up ahead. Was there enough distance for me to do it…oh what the hell, I’m just gonna floor this last .2 mile. And I was able to catch some, if not all of those women. And-even better-this was the fastest I have ever run this particular last .2 mile up the hill by at least 5 seconds…if not more (I did the last .2 of last year’s Kleinerman 10K a second faster, but that was flat/downhill)-wow!! I didn’t know I was capable of that kind of a finishing kick, that has always been a weakness of mine. Of course, I was so focused on my finish-that I totally missed my name being called by the announcers as I finished!!
Final time-47:27, 7:39 pace. 5K splits of 23:29/23:58-not as even as I would have liked, but not a crash and burn either. My 2nd best 10K ever-and a huge course PR!! Yep, I had never come close to touching my 48:59 from the 2004 Mini 10K…til today!! The curse has been broken!!!

now i can smile!!  hangin' after the race w/ laminator and runner26

now i can smile!! hangin' after the race w/ laminator and runner26

So the usual afterwards. Medal. Flower (this year pink carnations…the recession wouldn’t allow roses.) Mingle with the team, trade war stories and pose for pictures. But of course, my real celebrating started later…strawberry margaritas at the Boat Basin was the perfect way to cap off a great day 🙂
Bottom line-this race was very encouraging for me. To not only outperform my recent 5K, but to also beat my recent 10K time (on a warmer day and much hillier course!)…very good thing. Only thing that I may wish was different was mile 4…but it’s learning for me, I need to work on hills. And besides that one mile, I have never paced this race so consistently which was a major plus. All in all-this was the perfect boost of confidence I needed with MCM training starting very soon…

And to the guys who were out cheering-thank you, thank you, thank you. You all helped more than you know. And for those of you running the Father’s Day 5-miler…well I will be returning the favor, look for me running in the other direction and cheering for you 🙂


8 thoughts on “show me what you got

  1. Hey, congratulations on a well-run race! All you ladies looked wonderful.

  2. Congrats on successful pacing and a course PR! You must have been in quite a zone not to have heard your name being called! Loved all your battle stories afterwards too!

  3. flygirl you did great on the last 1000 meters. at the post race it looked like you could've done another 10K

  4. Great finish to the race…btw, I don't think I have ever heard an entire Jay Z or DMX or BMX or BQE or whatever the guy calls himself… song…

  5. nice race, fly! and glad to see that pic in yet another blog 😉

  6. cris-thanks!! thanks for being out there.lam-i know, its so unlike me, i totally feed off the attention!! thanks to you and JG for telling me after!moz-another 10k? ok maybe after resting for 20-30 minutes when u saw me 🙂 but thanks :)anon-thanks, i think the finish was the best part of my race! :)r26-i know, great to see that pic getting so much mileage!! oh wait-i said "mileage." DRINK!!! 😉

  7. congratulations on the race! I love the way you logged your thoughts on here :)

  8. I stalk your blog from TN. Love it! Love that you run in NYC. 🙂

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