blue sunday

ahhhh finally, i get my coveted blue bib for a NYRR race. ok, i know it’s due to the fact that this race is ladies-only. and that i will be demoted back to red or yellow at the next co-ed race I do (or at the uber-stacked Club Team Champs 5M in August) But hey, I’m just gonna enjoy hobnobbing with the “elites” this time πŸ™‚ And I just may frame that bib afterwards….hahaha. OK, maybe not πŸ™‚

So yeah, the Mini 10K is tomorrow and for the first time in years, the weather looks like it just may cooperate. But instead of feeling relieved, I actually feel nervous. Kinda like there is no excuse for me to not run well…and the last race I felt that kind of pressure…it didn’t go so well. But one thing I did decide is that I won’t have a time goal for tomorrow. I’m guessing that it’s no coincidence that my best race so far in 2009, the 8K back in March, I didn’t really have expectations…or if I did, they were very loose expectations. I’ll just run how I feel…I’ll know after mile 1 what kind of a day it’s gonna be….and once I hit mile 4, just go for it.

And does anyone else think it feels a little strange that this race is on Sunday this year? (gotta double-check the calendar and all that good stuff…) Apparently another race, a 5K, had the permit for Central Park for today before NYRR could get it. I actually saw a little bit of that race this morning…I knew someone running it, and run a great race he did…seeing that will hopefully inspire me to give tomorrow’s race just that little bit extra…

And the rest of today? Detox!! No red wine or blueberry ale today. Only substance abuse of choice will be caffeine…mmmm iced coffee πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “blue sunday

  1. it's been messing with me that the race is on Sunday. I signed up for the Tour de Brooklyn tomorrow, but I guess I'm not doing that and I've spent all day feeling like I forgot to go run my race.Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Good luck at the race, blue girl! Show us your true colors, yeah! Have fun rubbing elbows with Deena Kastor!

  3. You've got the right plan — if you run "your race" it will be a great race! Have a blast!

  4. Good luck! Feel the race,your pace and enjoy the ride!

  5. AND???? AND????? how'd you do?

  6. done good. will explain in my next post.cris-i totally saw you around mile 6!! i was just too delirious to say hi or whatever at the time!

  7. great race NYFG…still shaking the cobwebs outta' my head from the "rita's."

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