"suck it up, cupcake!"

i think i read that expression once on (the formerly) Uptown Girl’s blog….and just thought about it tonite…

So I ran 3 days straight-Saturday, Sunday, and our “First Monday” NYF downtown run. Nice, flat easy run that ended down by South Street Seaport and had us partaking in drinks at Jeremy’s Ale House…which was only worth it for the styrofoam “quarts” of beer. Next time, I will have to partake in one instead of sticking to the pints (right, Laminator?) Oh yeah, it was fun to hang out and chitchat too.

Obviously I was due for a rest day, which I figured I’d do the smart thing and take it yesterday and run today. Of course, I didn’t check the weather forecast and see that yesterday’s conditions seemed much more favorable…when walking home from work today I was thisclose to bagging it and cross-training instead…figuring I could make it up tomorrow or Friday.

But with MCM training starting in 2 1/2 weeks (eek!!) I had to get out of that mindset. I’m gonna have to get the miles in whether I like it or not, and may not be able to reschedule. So before I lost my nerve, I just threw on the running gear and hit the park. The rain had actually slowed to a drizzle…yet the park seemed empty, strange for a Wednesday nite, even stranger considering it was “National Running Day“! But I just felt like I had the park to myself and it was great 🙂

And oh yeah, even though I am kinda sorta tapering for a little 10k this weekend, I injected some speedy stuff in there…some quarter-mile pickups at 10K effort while taking it easy inbetween…felt pretty damn good, felt like I could do more but I know to quit while I am ahead…learning from previous mistakes 🙂

And is it me, or does it seem strange that the first week of June is unseasonably cool and rainy? 😉


3 thoughts on “"suck it up, cupcake!"

  1. Right, nyflygirl!It's good that the skies got all the rain out of its system early so it'll be nice and dry for the Mini 10K for a change…we hope?

  2. ill be volunteering at the start for the mini 10K. say hi to Deena, Magda and Catherine for me 😉

  3. better than 95 and humid like last year…see you tomorrow!

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