and speaking of passing guys…

the snazzy singlet i have-mine is in light blue :)wow, another week has gone by and no posts…busy week for me. thank god for the holiday weekend…boy oh boy, do i need it.

but i couldn’t resist blogging about something amusing at this past week’s speed workout. i actually did wear my “some girls chase boys…” singlet again, hey what can i say, I like it 🙂 But wouldn’t I know it, this idiot guy shows up for the speed workout…who hates finishing behind women-even if they are legitimately faster. Always used to try and race me in workouts-and even in the Underwear Run too (which was supposed to be an easy, “fun run”, mind you.) And wouldn’t you know it, same thing happens this time…either sprinting to try and get ahead and then fading…or even cutting the course!! Lame. (And just distracting when I am trying to “run my own workout.”) No etiquette, I tell you!!

But as for me, I actually had a pretty good workout!! I guess the determination of not letting the idiot “beat” me…in addition to wanting to live up to the attitude that I showed on my singlet…wound up with a pretty fast workout (for me)…which won good feedback from the coach too 🙂 The observation was that I was working hard but still looking good doing it, keeping the form well…was encouraging for me (thx again JS!) After all, if I’m gonna get that BQ this fall, I’m gonna have to learn to push the envelope ever so often…

But between this workout and my recent 10K race-does this mean I need a guy to stay ahead of, to push me to run just a little harder when it counts? 🙂 Or maybe just a rabbit in general? I’ll be racing a 5K in NJ this Memorial Day, let’s see if that is gonna come into play yet again. Just gonna be a fun race, to see where I’m at with the Mini 10K being 2 weeks away-that one being the race where I’d love to post a good time. And no, I’m not freaking out about the weather for the Mini just yet 🙂

And happy holiday weekend…which for me will be filled with friends, baseball, running…and did I mention 3-day weekend??? Can’t get better than that (well unless it was a 4-day weekend. or more.)


4 thoughts on “and speaking of passing guys…

  1. Have a good weekend nyflygirl! Nice workout this week. For the record, you can chase me with your cool shirt and speedy legs anytime. I promise not to fade and not to cut you off the course! Haha!

  2. dude, i think i would need some of what certain MLB players take to be able to chase you :-p but thanks 🙂

  3. why worry yourself about that guy? Ignore him. that’s all he deserves.

  4. That was a great workout! Good job, and I’m not just saying that.;)

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